Cheryl Scott

Cheryl Scott was born in Florida in 1985 and she is American Meteorologist and she is meeting the expectations for NBC5. When she was growing up, she was interested in the climate. While growing up in the middle of summer rainstorms and snowstorms, she decided that there is nothing else that she has to learn but becoming meteorologist.  She decided on what she wanted to be even when she was still too young and as the time passes, her energy got even stronger. She joined Brown University and graduated after four years learning about Geological science. She also holds meteorology certificate given by Mississippi State for Distance Learning program.

When she was still at school, she did understudy at the WCAU-NBC 10 in the Philadelphia. It gave her the chance she needed to work for Earth Watch Group and he was taking the basics for estimation. The internship gave her the introduction she needed to understand the elements used in her career.  She continued to work at WSEE at the start of 2007. Her job was to blanket the climate news of Caribbean and Central America. While working at WSEE, she faced dauntless and dangerous reporting periods. She had to go through tropical tornados, high temperature and snowstorms taking the chance with her own life.

Cheryl Scott moved in Knoxville for WBIR and she was given a job of working on the weekend’s news. She also did 12 reports on Thursday and Friday.

Cheryl Scott does not have any known boyfriend until now even if her identity and her allure can make men to fantasize about her but she is yet to have a sweetheart. She is single and she wants to concentrate more on her career. She does not talk too much about her career. She got perfect measurements and all the sexy curves that make her to have guys following her wherever she goes.  She has the height of 5 feet and 5 inch while the bra is 34 and the cup size is a D. She has grey brown and blue eyes. She did appear on different magazines where she shows off her round hip and big breast.  The secret to her perfect body is regular exercise and dieting habit. She wears the clothes that make her to look sexy and she always get the opportunity of displaying her attractive curves with hot and toned legs. She has a dazzling smile and she has the most followers as a meteorologist in the entire world. She has twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and all have many followers.

She likes to travel, outdoor live and to watch movies and these are things that she likes to do during her recreational time.  She is also known to be a big fan of sports.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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