Charli Baltimore

Charli Baltimore, born as Tiffany Lane on August 16, 1974, grew up in the city of Philadelphia with her German father and African American mother.  Not only was it hard to deal with racism, but she had was put under the care of her older half sister, Yolanda.  Beause Yolanda, she is already married and still a child herself and always was working at the hospita, Tiffany was unsupervised and caused trouble, either at the mall or on the street corner, with her cousin.  By the time she reached the 10th grade, she had gotten pregnant and had her first child, India. 


She eventually went to Pierce College and majored in the fine arts.  Beforing graduation though, she was pregnant again with her second child, Siaani.  Sianni's father and Tiffany moved into their wen apartment, but he soon fled the scene.  So Tiffany had to scheme & scan men to support her family.  In the summer of 1995, the Ready to Die Tour came to Philly and changed Tiffany's life forever.  She had a chance meeting with the Notorios B.I.G. and they sparked a romantic relationshiop.  B.I.G. soon learned that ?Tiffany had a little lyrical skill of her own and he was set on giving her an opportunity to show case it.  She gained the title "charli Baltimore"  from the Geena Davis movie,  "A Long Kiss Goodnight"  where her character plays a spy with two lives, which related a lot to Tiffany. B.I.G. had plant for Tiffany. 


He was gearing up to start a group called "The Commition which featured himself.  And he had also mentioned her to friend and label partner, Lance "Un" Rivera, of Unitertainment.  But then, tragedy struck Tiffany's life between '96 and '9.  first, her father died by cancer.  Then, Sianni's father committed suicide.  Soon after, her close friend Lovell died.  And then, B.I.G.  was murdered.  Nothing seemed to go right for her at that time, and she fell into depression, overdosing on pills.  After she was released from the hospital, she came to her senses and was back to her old self, jsut in time for B.I.G.' s funeral.  She went to a bit of hiding after  that, clearing her thoughts.  And then set out to make her dubut album with "Un".  But wasn't happy with just being "a pretty face".  After a long time of making demo's however, Irv Gotti of "Murder Inc. Records" signed Tiffany to his lael and made her a member of the Murder Inc. family.  No more shelved projects.  Her long-awaited albu, "The Diary drops September 2003".

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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