Calum Worthy

Calum Worthy is a writer, actor, and producer of Canadian origin. He is celebrated for his character Dez on the series titled ‘Austin and Ally’, which was telecast on Disney Channel.

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Personal Life

Calum Worthy was born to David Worthy and Sandra Webster Worthy on 28th January 1991. His birthplace is Victoria, the capital of British Colombia, Canada. His interest in acting started at the age of four when he saw Macaulay Culkin’s character in Home Alone, he saw the movie multiple times and tried to memorize the dialogues, he later declared to his parents that he wanted to be an actor.

Soon Calum took up piano, dance and voice lessons along with performing in musical and theatre productions. He studied tap dancing at Janice Tooby –MacDonald studio. At the PJ Music studio, he learned the piano for a duration of thirteen years. Calum’s passion for music earned him the ‘Canadian national Young Composer’s Award’ for piano at the young age of eleven. Shortly after he started at the Tarlington Professional Children’s Programme in the city of Vancouver he began his big and small screen career.

His debut role was at age nine, on ‘Night Visions’. By the age of ten, he bagged his first role as a lead in the mini-series titled ‘I Was a Rat’ that showed on BBC, he starred alongside Tom Conti and Brenda Fricker. Calum had a successful career as a child artist, with projects in television and films that spanned across the globe including the USA, Singapore, the UK, Australia and Canada. Calum is committed to causes aimed at curbing environmental issues, he is a trained leader of Climate Change. He has actively participated in numerous projects along with the former vice president of the US and famous environmentalist Al Gore.


Calum Worthy has been active in the industry since late 2000. His project ‘I Was a Rat’ that released in 2001 when he was just ten years old, saw his in the role of Roger in three episodes. In 2003, he starred as Young Mark in the miniseries called ‘Out of Order’ and has lent his voice to the character Young Yonosuke in ‘Bunshiro and Fuku’. In 2004 he was presented with The Young Artist Award for his television movie titled ‘National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion’. Lee, his character in the 2009 series titled ‘Stormworld’ gained him The Young Artist Award in 2010 and The Leo Award the same year.

Worthy’s most popular role till date remains his character on ‘Austin and Alley’, Dez. Some of his other Disney channel shows include ‘Life with Charlie’, ‘Zeke and Luther’, ‘Coppertop Flop’ and ‘Just Kidding’. Along with acting he has also written and produced a few episodes of some of the Disney shows he appeared in. Few of his works apart from that in Disney Channel are ‘The Big Year’, ‘Bodied’, ‘ New Warriors’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Second Sight’ and ‘Psych’. In 2008, he was nominated for his role in the television series ‘Psych’ for his role as Shockley.

15 Mar, 2018