Brooke Bailey

Brooke Bailey is known as an American model, fitness personality, and reality television star. She is most famous for being a part of the show Basketball Wives Los Angeles. She is also popular for being on the cover of many big national magazines like Low Rider Magazine and Smooth Magazine.


Brooke was born on July 13, 1987, in South Central Los Angles, California. Brooke Bailey spent most of her childhood days growing up in Los Angeles which was tough for a little girl because of the crime rate in the urban South Central part of Los Angeles.  Not much is known about her childhood and parents. There is no information about the school she used to go to or the college she attended. She has chosen to keep the details of her upbringing private and away from the public.

Entertainment Career

Brooke was fascinated in the fields of acting and dancing from a very young age. When she grew up, she ended up in jobs where she would work as a host and a dancer for parties. It was while hosting these parties that she got noticed by Anissa Williams, a popular casting director who loved Brooke’s dancing talent. Owing to the help from Anissa, Bailey got her first break in a music video with Janet Jackson. She then went on to work in several videos. She was included in the videos of very big names in the hip hop industry like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, P. Diddy and Akon. She was also the part of many commercials and advertisements during this time which includes personalities and brands like Bishop, Snoop Dogg and Wild n Out.

These commercials and videos helped her in getting cast on the MTV show, MTV Punk’d where she became one of the first cast members. Along with the show, she was also seen on the covers of several big magazines which include King Magazine, Lowrider Magazine and the Smooth Magazine. She was a part of the Lowrider Magazine cover along with the popular hip hop artist and actor, Ice Cube.

The turning point in her career occurred when she was cast for a reality show which features the ex-girlfriends or ex-wives of professional basketball players titled Basketball Wives: Los Angeles, which aired on VH1. She was cast in the second season of the show as she was involved with the NBA sensation Rashard Lewis who played for Seattle Supersonics and Orlando Magic.

Before the show that raised her fame, she was also a part of the reality show known as Candy Girls. Her addition to the show increased the popularity of the show and grabbed the attention of many viewers. She gained a huge fan following as all her on-screen and off-screen activities became the talk of the town. Audiences loved her charismatic personality and her sexy body. Her fight with a fellow cast member, Jackie Christie was the hot topic of gossip in the television industry.


Methods of a Beauty Queen

In an interview with the hip hop culture and fashion magazine known as Vibe, Brooke was asked to reveal some of her beauty secrets to their readers. Since the magazine caters to African American women, they wanted Brooke to talk about her tips and give some insight to how she maintains her appearance.

She was asked how a girl could grow long and healthy hair, “I believe in natural healing and supplements. I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day, and I eat a balanced, home-cooked diet. I know that diet and lifestyle definitely effect not only the inside of your body but the outside as well. Keeping as much heat out of your hair whenever possible is a big plus. Even a blow dryer is damaging. At least twice a month, I use products out of the kitchen to deep condition my hair. It's just a simple mixture of one cup of room temperature mayonnaise, a half cup of olive oil and three egg yolks. Try it! You may have to play around with the measurements depending on the length and thickness of your hair of course.”

On her social media platforms, she often advocates the teachings and routine of a man named Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi has been a controversial figure on the internet because some people feel that his natural diet can help people fight off cancer while others feel that his methods belong to a quack doctor. Brooke was asked to explain her admiration of him, “Dr. Sebi is a world renowned healer who has an office here in LA. His herbal and mineral remedies are all-natural, and my friends, family, and I have sworn by them for years. I regularly use the Viento, Green Food, and Seamoss tea.”

Brooke is not lazy at all, she works hard to keep her figure looking great, “I try my best to stay active and keep my workouts fun. In LA, we have hiking trails that I walk or run a few times a week. When I can't make it out, I do simple sets of squats, push-ups and crunches. I keep a jump rope in my suitcase, so I have no excuse when I have to travel. I'm also a full-time mother of 3 so running around behind them burns plenty of calories.”

Brooke has worked for and as a model. She was also the owner of the Phat and Juicy Burger franchise as well as a hair Salon. She later became the founder of the brand known as My Life Cleanse. She is believed to have undergone some plastic surgeries to enhance her body and appearance.

She is not married and doesn’t have a husband but she is reported to have three kids. She is active on her social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. According to her personal statement, she has a net worth of 100 thousand dollars that she has earned from her modeling gigs, television appearances, and endorsement funds from advertisers.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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