Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen is a very famous American actor of the film industry. He is known worldwide for his appearances in many popular films and television series.

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Brian Dietzen was born in the year 1977 on November 14. He was born in Barrington, Illinois in the United States. He was the third son of his Irish parents. He grew up with his two elder brothers and a younger sister and brother. He never shared a very good bond with his siblings. As a child, Brian excelled in various fields due to which his parents loved him a lot. This made his other siblings feel that their parents did not love them. This created a lot of distance between him and his siblings.

Brian always tried to follow the footsteps of his elder brother. His elder brother was a very talented soccer player. Brian also wanted to become a soccer player like him in the future but his mother wanted to make him an actor. He was sent to a drama school from the age of only 3 years. He looked very charming and had a very nice voice. When he started going to the elementary school, he performed on the stage for the first time. He was chosen for a school play in a lead role.

Besides this, Brian also took music lessons and attended drama classes. From a very early age, he got involved in several television commercials and stage dramas. However, Brian never ignored his studies. He was very good in academics and also participate in the soccer team of his school. Later, he attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

After completing his bachelor's degree, Brian joined the Colorado Shakespeare Festival where he performed on the stage in several dramas for two years. After that, he was approached for the television series, My Guide to Becoming a Rockstar. Brian shares his personal life in his biography. He is now married to his long time girlfriend Kelly. The couple has been blessed with two children and there is still no news about their separation or divorce.

01 Feb, 2018