Bradley James

Bradley James was born in the year 1983 and he is English actor. He is known to play in the role of Arthur Pendragon and before Prince Arthur in the Merlin television program. He started to act in the year 2008 and afterwards, he got the role of appearing in Merlin in the same year. He was also in iZombie and Homeland. He was also the star of the television series named Damien. Other roles he took are in Underworld: Blood Wars and in Fast Girls.

From his biography, Bradley James was born in Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital found in Exeter in the Devon city of England. Afterwards, together with his parents, they moved to live in Jacksonville in Florida of United States at the age of nine. This is the time he went to Crown Point Elementary School and afterwards he joined Fletcher Middle School and attended Madeley High School in England. Bradley James likes football and he participates in sporting charity events every year. While growing up, he wanted to be an actor or a footballer.

Bradley James started to act in the year 2008 when he played in Lewis of 2008 and then played in the DisConnected drama of BBC three. The breakthrough in his career came with Merlin when he was casted as King Arthur. The show became a hit series in USA and the series was broadcasted at NBC for its first season and other seasons were on Syfy. Merlin series lasted for 5 years and together with Colin Morgan who starred as Merlin, they played for BBC Wales in Arthurian legends named Real Merlin &Arthur.

He was a guest star playing Edgar for the Homeland fourth season. He was the cast of the Underworld: Blood Wars and he appeared then on the iZombie where he has a recurring role as Lowell Tracey, he was a love interest of the main character, named Liv. In Damien, he was the main character named Damien Thorn which is a sequel to the Omen Film series.

Bradley James is in relationship with Angel Coulby and his real girlfriend was his girlfriend and then wife in Merlin show. They are living together but there is nothing about getting married soon or having a child. Before this relationship, he dated Georgia King who also worked like actress. He has been a successful person and he is believed to have at net worth of five million dollars.

In the year 2016, he was on the number one position for the 10 highest paid actor list of People With Money. He had around 82 million of dollars in the combined earning. He got 588,235 as yearly salary. You can connect with him on his tumblr and Instagram accounts and more information about him are available on different wiki websites. On his twitter account, he has over 180K followers.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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