Bonnie Somerville

Bonnie Somerville is an American singer and actress. She is very famous for her roles in NYPD Blue, Friends, Golden Boys and many others. As of now, she is starring as Dr. Christa Lorenson in Code Black.

Personal life

She was born in Brooklyn borough. She was primarily raised by her mother. Her mother was from a large catholic family. Her relationship with her father is not known to media. She was interested in singing and acting even when she was young. She acted in a lot of school plays and also attended Boston College and took up Musical Theater Major. She dated Dave Salmoni in 2009 and broke up with him within five months. Dave is a TV personality of Animal Planet. The reason for break up is not known to public. She also dated Zach Braff in 2003 and broke up with him a few months later. The reason for breakup is not known to media. She is not known to have married or even engaged. She has not mothered a child till date. There are no details to her childhood or her romantic life since she keeps a low key in sharing intimate details. It is assumed that she is not dating anyone as of now. Her net worth is assumed to be around a million dollar. She has not yet officially announced her net worth. Her personal biography is more of a secret to public. She has not talked a lot about her childhood and parents either.

In 2008, she was mugged by a couple of men right outside a Hollywood launch party and one of them shot her boyfriend and wounded him. There are no details to who that boyfriend was as she was not openly dating anyone at that time. She did not reveal his name either. It is said that the mugging incident happened for her new cell phone. She is currently 42 years old and she has been in only two relationships that media is aware of. Her relationship with Zach and Dave were also rumors that were proved to be true due to close pictures of them in public. Neither her boyfriends nor Bonnie has ever commented or announced their relationship in media.


She took up modelling when she moved to Los Angeles at the age of 22. She also created a band. She was a backup singer in We Were Here of Joshua Radin. She is the female lead in ‘Band from TV’ which includes Hugh Laurie, Greg Grunberg, Bob Guiney and many others. Her first acting job was in City Hall of 1996 as an extra. She took up many TV series roles including the famous TV series, Friends. Her first TV series was Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story in 1999. She also sang in that series. In 2000, she starred in Grose Pointe and OC. She became very famous after starring as Det. Laura Murphy in the season finale of NYPD Blue. This popularity led to a main role in a small sitcom. She also acted in many independent films and got a main role in 2010 comedy film, Best and Brightest. She also acted as a voice artist for Mrs. Paws in Santa Paws 2. Her current movie projects and upcoming ones are not known to media.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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