Barry Melrose

Personal life  

Barry Melrose was born in the year 1956 on July 15th. He was born in Kelvington, which is a city in Saskatchewan. He was the second child of his parents and had an elder brother. Their father was a soccer player and both of them took the training to play soccer from him. As Melrose grew up, he developed an interest towards hockey. He also joined the hockey team in his school. He was very energetic player and played the lead role in his team.

Within a short period of time, he learnt the techniques and methods of the game. After finishing his high school education, he decided to pursue sports. He had to move in America to join a very popular sports academy. He took his hockey training for a very talented coach. Melrose’s sports career started from this university. He is now happily married to Cindy. He lives with his wife and two teenage sons in New York.


Barry Melrose began his career as a hockey player in the year 1974. Initially, he started as a defenseman in cooperation with the Kamloops Chiefs. He worked as a defense person with the Kamloops Chiefs for the next two years. In the year 1976, Melrose joined the Springfield Indians. He stayed with them for three long years. After that, in the year 1979, he joined the Winnipeg Jets. Later in the year, he did part time jobs in the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In the final season, he played a hockey tournament with the Adriondack Red Wings. His NHL playing career is remarkable. His playing records and style has been much popular among his followers. He retired from his playing career after this. He joined as a coach with the Medicine Hat Tigers in the year 1987 and 1988. His first coach team was very successful and also won the Memorial Cup. After this, he coached the Seattle Thunderbirds and the Adirondack Red Wings. He coached the teams for continuous three years and in the 1991 to 1992 season, the Red Wings team won the Calder Cup.

Coaching Career

Barry began coaching almost immediately after retirement. During his starting days as a coach, Melrose led the Medicine Hat Tigers into winning the Memorial Cup having recorded a 44-22-6 record. This is among the peak moments of Melrose’s coaching career. In the preceding season, Barry shifted to Seattle Thunderbirds where he coached for some time before becoming the coach for Adirondack Red Wings. In his 3-year stay at Red Wings, Melrose led the team into scoping the Calder Cup.

Having won two major cups within such a short timeframe, Los Angeles Kings offered Barry a coaching opportunity during the 1992-93 seasons. Still aiming for more cups, Melrose led Los Angeles Kings to the Stanley Cup Final. But despite his team losing to Montreal Canadiens, Melrose remained Kings’ coach for two additional seasons. In 2009, Melrose returned to ESPN. During this time, there was a Winter Classic match between Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings.

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