Bailee Madison

Bailee Madison is an American national personality who rose to fame as an actress, at a very young age. She is also known for her acting in many television series.

Personal Life

Bailee Madison took birth in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale on the date 15th October, 1999. She was brought up alongside 6 older siblings in which 2 of them are her sisters and 4 of them are her brothers. One of her older sister named Kaitlin Riley has also made her prominence in the acting business. Her inspiration of becoming an actress came from her mother, Patricia Riley, who is also an actress in the film industry.

Bailee’s family has always been affirmative of her acting career and they offer her support and advices whenever she needs them. She is a frequent user of social networking sites like Instagram, YouTube etc. and she keeps posting photos and videos of her and her peer group regularly doing things she enjoys with them to let her fans know what she has been up to.

Madison reached to great success at a young age and she knows how to demarcate between her career and personal life and that’s the reason she is never involved in any scandal. This brown-eyed diva has attracted attention from many fellow counterparts who wanted to be associated with her but only a few earned her heart. She was once rumored to be with Zachary Gordon but it was never confirmed. She was officially in a relationship with Emery Kelly since 2013 but they did not work out and the reason still stays elusive for her fans as they never had any problems and there were no rumors for their breakup. She is now dating a model named Alex Lange, since 2016.


Bailee Madison initiated her career in the acting business from the very beginning of her life. She did commercials when she was just 2 weeks old for Office Depot alongside companies like Disney and Cadillac, which ran nationwide. Her first role in a movie appeared in “Lonely Hearts” where she plays the part of Rainelle, a character who is lost amongst villains and gangsters.

Bailee then got many roles in different movies and one her most prominent and famous roles is of May Belle Aarons in the Disney movie “Bridge To Terebithia”. She has also worked as an actress in independent films like “Look” and also in famous Disney television series like “Wizards of Waverly Place”. The actress has appeared alongside many remarkable actors of Hollywood like Adam Sandler and Natalie Portman working varied roles which were portrayed very meticulously by her.

She has won awards for her amazing acting skills as a young actress and nominations for her noticeable role in the movie “Brothers”. She has always been a philanthropist by her nature and she is currently the spokesperson for the “Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation” charity which raises money to find the cure and spread awareness about cancer in children. Madison’s yearly income is about 470 thousand US dollars and her net worth estimated to be 4 million US dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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