Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore was born on 1993 in North Carolina. She is a beautiful American model and she has done some photo shoots at big brands like Kohl. She has also reached the entertainment industry by doing collaborations with hip hop stars like ASAP Rocky under the banner of GQ magazine. She has been photographed by the popular freelance fashion photographers, Lucas O Moore and Nick Onken.

Personal Life

Ashley got her unique beautiful look from her parents. She is a mix of Caucasian and African ancestry. When she was young, she wanted to be an actress and she continues to pursue this dream but she mostly does modeling to pay off her bills. While growing up, she was raised by a military family and she was travelling a lot. Her father had to move her around a lot because of his assignments. She had to switch schools a lot which made it hard for her to establish herself and make new friends. She finally found something stable to hold onto when she started modeling. Instead of worrying about making new friends, she focused on developing a passion.

Besides modeling, she likes to be on the beach and she also enjoys movies. If she did not make it in the modeling world, she would have tried to become a nurse because she loves helping people.

Modeling Career

When she moved to live in Los Angeles, she wanted to enter the modeling industry because she felt that she could succeed. She knew that the women in Los Angeles were really beautiful but she thought that she brought a different flavor to the table. Most of the models in Los Angeles were tall and blonde which was the opposite of what she was. Some people felt that even though she was pretty, she was going to have issues making it in the modeling world because she was only 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Even though that height is considered to be tall for women, it is not considered tall for female models. Ashely didn’t care though, she knew that there would be fashion outlets that would seek the look that could present on their advertising.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Ashley decided to take a dive and jump into her new profession. She attended an open casting call and signed with a company named Nous. It was a big leap for to get signed by a company. Nous is known for high end and boutique fashion. Ashely welcomed the challenge of being a high end fashion model even though she was very early in her career. Usually models gain experience by working for small companies first but Ashely felt she was made for the industry.


Ashely was inspired by beautiful models like Abby Lee, Kate Moss and Chanel Iman. She had a diverse set of role models because of her own background. She embraces both her white and black side. Being mixed race, she doesn’t believe that she has to choose one heritage over another. She believes that each side of her has beautiful aspects that should be highlighted. She tries to express her mixed race perspective through her modeling.

Even though she is a very beautiful woman, she has a healthy outlook on the dimensions of her personality. She believes the most important thing about a person is the beauty inside, not the outside. The most beautiful woman in the world is worth nothing if she is a terrible person inside. Ashely believes that if you are a good person inside, it will also show up externally. Feeling good inside is the majority of the battle when you want to look good outside. Ashely feels you need to have a good personality, good attitude and confidence so that you can carry yourself. Those parts of your personality are important if you want to present yourself as a beautiful person.

Ashely’s modeling career wasn’t without ups and downs. When she faced rejection, she tried her best to not let it affect her too much. She has a healthy opinion of herself and knows that she isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world. When she gets rejected, she accepts that there was another girl that was better for the job and she doesn’t dwell on it too much. She realizes that life is all about wins and losses. Life can have acceptance and rejection but you have to stay balanced to be happy.

She tries not to compare herself to other models because she feels it is a bad practice that will only increase negative feelings. Instead of comparing herself, she works on herself and focuses on her own world. Getting obsessed with the jobs that other models win over her will not help her career. Ashley loves modeling because of the opportunities it brings into her life. She loves to meet new people, something that she didn’t have growing up because of the multiple schools as she had to attend as a military brat. A big thing about modeling that she really loves is the travel. She gets to explore new countries and cultures as part of her work. She loves exploring new cultures because of her own background. She feels she is a product of two cultures merging so she is very open to learning about other cultures.

Ashely is not ignorant about the challenges that modeling can also bring into her life. She has to work out daily to maintain her beautiful figure. She has to have a strict diet and cannot really enjoy all the food she wants to eat. She sometimes lack sleep because the modeling world is so competitive. She also has to deal with bad attitudes because some models are fake and pretend to be your friend while they step all over you to try to make it to the top.


Fans of Ashley have been very interested in her love life because of her beauty. They want to know who she is dating and the media loves reporting on her relationships. She was once linked to a rapper named Lil Twist. She gained the most attention when Justin Bieber took her out to a lunch date as a friend. She dated Justin for some time but they eventually broke up. She has recently been liked to a basketball star named Ben Simmons.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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