Annabeth Gish

Annabeth Gish is a famous Hollywood personality known worldwide for her acting skills and her good looks. She is most popularly known for her role in season 10 of X files.

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Early Life

Her real name is Anna Elizabeth Gish and she is a native of Mexico. Anna was born Albuquerque in the country of Mexico. She immigrated to the United States of America in her teenage years. She was born on 13 March in the year of 1971. Annabeth is currently 47 years of age. Her father was a football coach and her mother was a housewife. She has two small brothers named Tim and Robert.

The actress completed her high school from Northern University in Cedar Falls and completed her graduation from Duke University. She also possesses a degree in fashion designing from the University of California. From her early teens, she was interested in acting. In her early teenage age, she did many of the modeling shows and made quite a name for herself in the modeling industry.

 Annabeth also did theatre in her late teens to learn acting skills. As a teenager, she was interested in playing football and basketball and was on her college basketball team. Anna loved listening to pop music. Her favorite band was The Beatles and her favorite actor was Al Pacino. Her favorite actress was Julia Robert and she told in an interview that she was motivated to join acting industry by seeing the movies of Julia Roberts.

Annabeth has got a great personality with a dashing figure of 34 30 34 and a great height of 5 feet and 9 inches. Her hair color is black and her eye color is also black. Her ethnicity is white and her nationality is American.


Gish got her first major role in acting in the year of 1986 from the movie, Desert Bloom. Her acting skills were quite appreciated. After that, she did many movies such as hiding out, Mystic pizza and household. She also starred in many tv series such as The x files and CSI Miami. She worked with the great actors such as Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio and many more celibrities.

Personal life

Annabeth is currently married to Wade Allen who is a popular stuntman in Hollywood. The couple first met during the shoot of The X files and then started dating. After a few years of dating, the couple got married. They also have a child named Alexander Allen who is currently 9 years of age.

Net worth

Annabeth’s net worth is around 5 million US dollars which she earned by her acting and also by her acting school, where many aspiring young people come to learn acting. She also owns 2 restaurants in New York City. Social media

Annabeth is quite active on social media. Her twitter page has got around one lakh followers. Her twitter username is @annabethgish. Her Facebook page has got around 85 thousand likes. Gish’s facebook username is @annabethgish.Her Instagram username is @annabethgish1

26 Feb, 2018