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In 1998, she authored the New York Times Best Seller book, High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case against Bill Clinton and then she penned several famous books like Godless: The Church of Liberalism, Slander: Liberal Lies about the American Right.

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Attacking the Left

Ann is not found of the democratic party and likes to take jabs at them any chance she can get. She thinks that they are responsible for some of society’s problems are also too weak and dumb to make change even though they have the ability to do so, “If I were the Democrats, I would admit that we have totally effed over our working class, admit that there are legitimate complaints, that heroin coming over the southern border is destroying America. The Democrats could 100% steal the White House from Trump, because he’s not doing it.”

She is annoyed by the immigration issue and actually feels both sides are dropping the ball on immigration policies, “Immigrants are great if you’re rich. You live in New York or LA, you get your pool cleaned. Rosa the maid cleans everything, serves, picks up the kids, and makes the beds. Life is grand. But I go out to America. And I knew that immigration was an enormous effing issue that our political class – Republicans for the donor money, Democrats for the votes – was ignoring.”

She is more critical of the left though and calls them out for the indecisiveness, “There is nothing inherently racist about restricting immigration. The left’s attitudes about immigration hypocritical. It wasn’t long ago that Harry Reid was on the Senate floor denouncing anchor babies and Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer were defending border patrol agents. So this is, number one, a very recent policy of the left, and, number two, it’s clearly utterly political and self-interested. Immigrants since 1970 vote about 80% for the Democrats. Democrats have no right to bring in millions of people who are going to vote for them any more than Republicans do. And the reason they cry racism is they don’t want to talk about it.

She makes the bold claim that the mainstream media ignores serious problems associated with immigration, especially violence and drug crime. She tries to promote the idea that immigrants are criminals. She ignores data that says an American citizen is even more likely to commit a crime than an immigrant is. The immigrants are scared to commit crimes because they want to avoid being deported. Ann tries to push the narrative that criminals are evil people trying to take advantage of American citizens. She claims that immigration drives down wages for American workers but ignores the fact that immigrants do jobs that most people won’t do.

Personal Life

Ann has found love on numerous occasions in her life but seems to have tough luck there. She dated Bob Guccione, Jr, the publisher and founder of Spin Magazine and even got engaged, but the engagement was soon broken after it was announced. She then dated writer Dinesh D’souza. She was reportedly in relationships with Andrew Stein, Bill Maher and James Tully but none of the companions got lucky to be her husband. She never got married so she never faced the tragedy of divorce and has no children.

She is a proud owner of a beautiful apartment in LA, a house in Florida, and a condominium from Manhattan. Coulter has also been featured in three movies, Feeding the Beast, FahrenHYPE 9/11, and Is It True What They Say about Ann? Also called The American Voltaire,

20 Oct, 2018

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