Angie Janu (full name Angeline Dawn Beghe) was born in the middle of the 60s. Her exact date of birth is not available at this time, which is why her exact age also cannot be stated with assurance.

She started her career in the late 90s. According to IMDB resource, she appeared in such projects like the movie “Too Good to Be True ”, where she played Silvia and TV series “Chicago P.D.” with the role of Camille Voight. She also played in such movies like “Positions” and “Jimmy Hollywood”. She has made her appearance in several TV shows, including “Dress Grey” and “Quantum Leap”.

Janu is not a very famous actress, but she has been known all across the world for her endeavors in film and television. Her the most brightest work was in “Too Good to Be True”. Along with her husband, they have been together in the acting fraternity since a long time. In her family the most successful is her husband. His TV works include appearing in the popular shows like “Murder”, “She Wrote”, “L.A. Law”, “Melrose Place”, “Matlock”, “Family Law”, “Dharma and Greg” as well as in “Home Alone 4”. The biography of this beauty has not been available in the wiki page, but you still can find several articles about her on he other resources. Jason participated in several limited time exercises like displays which can be perceived just like the piece of Church of Scientology. He likewise gave an expected measure of about one million to the notorious church. He also aimlessly bolstered and his wife demonstrated amazing backing. Angie didn't keep down and went to the Church of Scientology.

Her husband turned into the supporter of Scientology for right around 15 years and after that, he chose to abandon it. But, everybody knows how famous Scientology can get. Whoever enters, barely leaves and regardless of the possibility that they leave, the congregation ensures that the individual is left with literally nothing.

In recent years, Angie has not often appeared on television, her career has waned and she now devotes more time to her children. She tried herself as an actress and realized an old dream, but now she is more interested in the family hearth. Angie is mostly in the shadow of her husband, who pushed her into the world of the film industry. Now Jason is pretty well known in the circles of Hollywood and gets a pretty decent annual salary.

She is married to Jason Beghe. Her husband is a film and TV actor too. He is known for “Compromising Positions”, “Jimmy Hollywood”, “The X-Files, Monkey Shines”, “The Next Three Days, “Dawgtown” and others.They met each other in the end of the 90s. The couple got married in the 2000. The couple I blessed with two children. Her net worth is approximately 1.5 million dollars. Angie loves to travel with her family around the country and get out of the city vanity. Currently, she resides in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, California.