An anecdotal character from the drama ‘Days of Our Lives’,Eric Brady was created by three essayists, M DePriest, S Anderson and TRacina. Roman Brady and Marlena Evans are the parents of Eric Brady in this popular drama. J Ackles who played Eric’s role as a teenager definitely increased his net worth by playing this popular role. Eric has a twin sister, Sami Brady, too in the drama. Eric goes gaga for Nicole Walker; however the relationship closes in tragedy which prompts his departure from the drama. It was confirmed in an interview to ‘Soap Opera Digest’ that Eric’s character will depart before it was actually shown in the drama to the audience.

Brady siblings, Eric and Sami,were born in 1984 to Roman Brady and his significant other, Dr. Marlena Evans. Eric has astep sister Belletoo from his mom's unpleasant affair with John Black.

Eric comes back to Salem in the late spring of 1997, he surprisingly finds that his sister is trying to attract Austin Reed. She is lying and faking so that Austin can fall in love with her. Eris exposes her sister with the help of Carrie and Mike. They also expose the bitter truth that Sami’s child is actually from Lucas and not Austin. Sami gets very angry with her brother for this. But later she forgives him.

Eric finds out that his old classmate Jed, who trapped him once of a rape charge, is stalking him. Jed tells Eric to accept this charge otherwise he will kill Eric’s sister. But later on Eric manages to convince Jed to accept this crime.

Story takes another turn when Eric falls in love with Nicole, who is a waitress. Eric starts working as a photographer and gets Nicole hired as a model. They spend some very good time together however it does not last for long. When Eric has to take care of his sister’s trial for a criminal case against her, Nicole falls for another man. The other man here is Lucas Robert who impregnated Eric’s sister once.

Lucas and Nicole ultimately marry each other in 1999. On the other side, Sami is proven in the court that she murdered and death penalty is given to her. This news saddens everyone in Eric’s family. But fortunately for Sami, Lucas comes to her rescue and saves her by admitting this crime.

After Nicole, Eric starts liking an old woman called Greta. Greta loves Eric but he still loves Nicole and it’s hard for him to forget her. Greta realizes this fact hence the relationship between Eric and her does not last very long. Eric escapes a serious accident and decides to leave Salem in 2000.

Eric Brady’s biography has various turns and it take another twist as he is now a priest at a church after coming back to Salem again in 2012. Though time passes and other woman like Serena comes into his life, Eric still loves Nicole who gets engaged to another man Daniel. It does not go down well with Eric and he starts drinking a lot. As a result of drinking too much, he gets involved in a car accident in Jan 2016. This accident kills Daniel and Jennifer. He was found guilty for this crime and gets prison term for five years in April 2016.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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