Andrea Barber

Andrea Barber is an actress that hails from America and has become a household name among series lovers. She cast in movies and TV shows such as Full House, Do You Remember Love and Fuller House. Also, she has played Jennifer in another TV film dubbed Do You Remember Love. In her words, Andrea once said she loves learning and would thus stay in school all her life. This is intriguing since a majority of the persons who have a passion for art and entertainment are, in most cases, intelligent.

Ander’s performance in Full House earned her much popularity. In the ABC series, Andrea’s role was to play Kimmy Gibbler, and she displayed the best of her talent. The series Fuller House was then released a while after as a follow-up series which again Andrea did a characterization. While Andrea was young, she got involved in local stage production from where she learned the basics of acting.

Among Andrea’s major role includes casting in Days of Our Lives. This acted as the starter to a whole lot of other roles in different TV shows. The combination of acting in short films as well as featuring in movies has earned her much prominence not to mention wealth. In addition to this, Andrea has also received numerous honors.

Some of the awards Andrea has taken home include the Soap Opera Digest Awards. In this award, Andrea scoped the ‘Outstanding Youth Actress in a Daytime Serial’ as well as ‘Outstanding Youth Actress in a Daytime Soap Opera.’ Again, she won the Young Artist Awards twice.


Born in Los Angeles, California, Andrea Barber’s birth date was July 3, 1976. Apart from Andrea, her parents – Sherry Barber and Donal Banks – gave birth to two other children. Andrea’s siblings are named Justin and Darin. Barber’s high school days were spent at La Serna High School before enrolling at Whittier College. Later, she joined the University of York from where she acquired an MA Degree in Women’s Studies. With regards to Barber’s marital status, she was initially married to Jeremy Rytky. Andrea and her husband terminated the marriage in 2014 having brought two children named Tate and Felicity to the world.

Career Life

Andrea’s career began during the times she cast on Days of Our Lives. Clearly, she started off on television before progressing to movies. In 1983, she appeared on Fantasy Island but in an episode only. A few years down the line, Andrea had an amazing year having cast in two shows and a television film. The two shows included The Twilight Zone and St. Elsewhere while the TV film she played in was Do You Remember Love. Thereafter, Andrea played in other shows including Full House, Our House and Wonderful World. Apart from Full House, the other series Andrea cast in was Growing Pains. She recently came back to acting after an over 10-year break from her career. Her comeback cast was in Funny or Die. Andrea has a $1 million net worth.