Jeremy Rytky

Jeremy Rytky is a lawyer who got married to actress Andrea Barber who played in Full House. He graduated at Whittier Law School in the year 2007 and he worked in United States Marine Corps in 4 years. Together with her wife, they are parents to two children who are named Felicity and Tate.

According to Andrea Barber’s biography, she is American actress and she played as Kimmy Gibbler at Full House sitcom at ABC and its spin off series called Fuller House.

Andrea Barber played her first role was in Days of Our Lives, when she played as Carrie Brady since 1982 until 1986. She was also a guest star of different movies and tv shows. Barber played in TV show called full house and he was a best friend of D.J Tanner. It was playing since 1987 until 1995. She was in the recurring role but afterwards she was given a regular role. When the Full House series ended, she retired and stopped to act so that she can focus more with her personal life. In the year 2012, she reprised the same role in the Funny or Die Sketch together with Dave Coulier who was also a former co-star with her in Full House.

Barber got back her role of Kimmy Gibbler with Full House Spin off series together with Jodie Sweetin and Candice Cameron Bure. The series got released in the year 2016 by Netflix.

Andrea Barber finished her schools with La Senna High School in California and she got an English Degree from Whittier College. She has Women’s Studies MA and this was from University of York, England. Afterwards, she went back to Whittier when she was assistant of office of International Programs’ director of Whittier College. Her parents are Sherry Barber and Donald banks and she was born with two older brothers called Justin and Darin. Andrea Barber was married to Jeremy Rytky but the two divorced in the year 2014. She is no longer his wife.

Andrea Barber has many memories about the time she was playing as Kimmy Gibbler for Full House. However, she said that she had problems with the wardrobe and when they were told to take home clothes, she would only take a pair of pants while others were taking too many clothes.

Her first son Tate James Rytky was born in 2004, when she was 27 years old. Andrea is a name from Greek and it means manly or masculine. Her second baby was born when she was 30 years. It was a daughter called Felicity Ruth Rutky in 2007. She has a net worth of 1 million. Andrea Barber does not only run but she runs the marathons and her Instagram feed has full of the shots when she runs in colorful running gear if she trains for the upcoming events.