Ahmed Sidibe

Ahmed Sidibe is an eminent footballer. He is known to the world for his football playing skills. He plays the role of a striker in the football field and has played for many popular teams and clubs.

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AS per his biography, Ahmed Sidibe was born in the year 1974 on May 2nd. He was born to his African parents in Nouakchott, Mauritania. He was the youngest son of his parents and had an elder brother. He developed the love for football from a very young age. His father was a famous football coach and he always wanted to see both his sons as popular footballers.

Seeing his interest towards football from an early age, his father was rejoiced. At the age of 5 years, he started receiving the training of playing football from his father. Ahmed was very much into the game and hardly paid any attention to his studies. His mother and teachers were very disappointed by seeing his consistently worsening grades but his father has always stood by him.

Ahmed Sidibe also played several football tournaments in his locality and also from his school. He has also appeared in the state level championships. When he was in high school, he dropped out for degrading grades and for low attendance. As Ahmed went to play football tournaments, he could not attend school most of the time. Though his parents requested the trustee board, but nothing could be done. This incident hardly affected him and he started focusing more in his game. He was a great striker and played for the ACS Ksar I initially. Those who knew his skills in the field were afraid to face him because of his shielding, attacking and heading tricks.

Talking about Ahmed's career, when he was a teenager, he got the chance to play for SCO Angers. He had to leave his hometown and his home team to play in this club as it was located in France. He played so well in the test match that he was given the opportunity to play as a striker in the first season. He also played for the CFA2 in the same year.

In both the games, his performance was praiseworthy. In the year 2002, Ahmed Sidibe received an offer from the CFA club. In the first season, he appeared in 19 games and he was able to impress everyone with his versatile performance in the field. He has played in the field with many popular players and has also received many honours for his excellent performance.

As far as Ahmed’s personal life is concerned, we could only derive the fact from his biography that he is married. There was no information about his wife or his children. He prefers to stay away from the limelight of the media and this is the reason that he has kept his personal life a secret from the media. He did not connect much with his fans on the social media even and is hardly seen on any social networking sites.

31 Dec, 2017