Abigail Gustafson

Abigail Gustafson is well known as Abigail Hawk and she is the daughter of Diane and Robert Gustafson. She was born in Marietta in Georgia under the name of Abigail Diane Gustafson. Abigail Gustafson is a director and actress. She appeared in The Tragedy of Maria Macabre, A Christmas in Vermont and Blue Bloods.

She got married to Bryan Species who is a former employee of Bouchon Bakery of Thomas Keller in the city of New York. The date of her birthday is not recorded so her age is not known. She got married in 2009. The wedding ceremony took place in the city of Roswell and the reception took place in the city of Davenport.

According to her biography, she dated Bryan for a long period before she became her husband. During an interview, she said that her husband is working like official Fire Department City of New York Medic and they are parents to one child. More information about that one child like her name, age or gender is known.

It is rare to see Bryan and Abigail together but in some rare occasions when they do so they take photos together. When Abigail was invited to attend to the Linda Dano Award ceremony, she attended with her husband. She was named because of being a long time champion of Heart Share. During the ceremony, it was clear that she shares a bond with her husband.

Abigail Gustafson is a blonde beauty and started to act when she was still in high school and continue to get more interest while growing up. She pursued the degree of theater and started with Reality Check and she was starring together with other talented actors like John Aaron and Ryan Seacrest. She had a lead role for these series.

She got a small role in television series called Law and Order: Victims Unit. She also had a role in the Oscar nominated musical under the name of Across the Universe. After taking up the role of 2008 film called The Unidentified, she was playing as the lead called Maria Macabre in the short film of 2010 named The Tragedy of Maria Macabre.

She then established herself like the assistant detective called Abigail Baker in the series of Blue Blood of 2010. She was portraying a role of an assistant detective together with Police commissioner called Francis Reagan played by the Tom Shelleck. The role she had like Baker has been liked by many people and many fans of the series. She appeared in one episode of the hit series called Body of Proof which was features in one of the episodes of the 2012 series called Are We There Yet? Her net worth is 2 million dollars and she has 36-26-36 inches for her body measurement.