Abagail Hawk

Abigail Hawk is a director and actress of American origins. She is well known because of the role she had as assistant detective in Blue Blood TV series. Her acting resume include a role in the Reality Check, Across the Universe, the Tragedy of Maria Macabre and the Law and Order: Victim’s Unit

According to her biography, Abigail Hawk was born in the year 1985 in the city of Chicago in Illinois. She was named Abigail Gustafson at her birth. Her parents are Diane Gustafson and her father is Robert Gustafson. There is no information that talks about having the siblings or not.

Abigail Hawk grew up in the city of Marietta in Georgia. She became interested in the acting from early age. For her education, she finished the high school studies at North Springs High School and afterwards, she went to Maryland College Park and she got a Bachelor degree of theater

She started her acting career when she was on TV series with the Reality Check. She was playing as Sam Bonner in the year 1995. Other stars were John Aaron Bennett and Ryan Seacrest. Afterwards, she got a small role with the popular series named Law and Order: Victims Unit. She appeared in the significant role of Short Movie named Across the Universe and she got nominated for Oscar Award for the role.

Abigail became the star of 2008 film called The Unidentified and afterwards, she played a lead role when she was Maria Macabre in The Tragedy of Maria Macabre. This is the part that she got setup up like the associate analyst for the Abigail Baker. In the year 2010, she got the arrangement to be in the Blue Bloods. This is when she took up the role of the Francis Reagan and it was being played by actor Tom Selleck.

She was in one episode of the Body of Proof and in on Episode for Are we There yet.

Abigail Hawk has been nominated for different awards like Country film festival and Beaufort International Film festival for being the Best actress in the Movie Almost Paris. She got the Linda Dano Award because of her amazing acting. Even if her salary is not known, she has the net worth of 1 million dollars.

When it comes to her personal life, Abigail Hawk is married woman and she got married to Bryan Species. He is a former employee of Thomas Keller at Bouchon Bakery with Thomas Keller. They were married in the year 2009. The marriage happened in Roswell and the reception at Davenport. It is said that they have a child but it is not clear if he is a girl or a boy. There is no information, if he divorced the husband or not.

Abigail Hawk is beautiful; she stands tall at 5 feet with 8 inches. She has an hourglass body. Her twitter is @lovealwaysabby1 and her Instagram @abigailallison.