Winnfred Wilford

Winnfred Wilford is known as the husband of Debbie Allen for eight years. They had been married since 1975. His Ex-wife, Deborrah Kaye Allen was born in the year 1950 in the city of Houston in Texas. She is a director, television producer, actress, choreographer and a dancer. She gained worldwide recognition when she played in Fame since 1982 until 1987 and she was in the subsequent films that got released in the year 2009. She is the president of Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

When it comes to her net worth, some estimate her net worth to be over 3 million dollars and she got it from her career which she had stayed in for over 40 years. Her mother, Vivian liked poetry and she worked like a director of art museum while the father Andrew Arthur Allen was working like orthodontist. She has a BA degree of classical Greek Literature, Speech and Theater at Howard University and she got a doctorate in University of North Carolina School of the Arts and at Howard University.

In the year 1980, she got the attention from the Critics and they nominated Debbie to be Tony Award and she got a Drama Desk Award because of the role she had in Broadway musical called West Side Story. She got another Tony Award nomination and it has helped her to increase the net worth even more. She got the role in the musical called Sweet Charity. Debbie had been in the support roles for many big screen movies including Fame for Which Alan Parker was a director but when the film was developed to be a television series, then her role Lydia turned to be among the leading ones.

Debbie got two Primetime Emmy Awards to be an outstanding Choreographer in the year 1982 and in 1983. For her role in Fame, she got a Golden Globe Award by being the Best Actress in the Television Series Musical or Comedy. She continued to act in many other films like Blank Check under director Rupert Wainwright, the Ragtime under Director Milos Forman, Next Day under Benny Boom and The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh that was under Director Gilbert Moses. She was in Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling produced under Richard Pryor and he was in The Cosby Show when she played Emma.

According to her biography, Debbie Allen has also increased her worth when she became a director. She is a director of Family Ties, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, A different World, and The Jamie Foxx Show, That’s So Raven, The Parkers, All of US, Everybody Hates Chris and Girlfriends. After her divorce from Winnfred Wilford, she got married again to Norm Nixon and they are parents of two children. More information about Winnfred Wilford and what he did before and after marriage: had not been recorded yet.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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