Zing-Ci Leung is known as the first wife of actor and martial artist, Donnie Yen.

Ex-Husband’s Background

Even though Donnie Yen came to be known because of flying fists, he was born from musician parents. His father is Klyster Yen and he played violin. His mother besides being a grandmaster in Fu Style Wudanguan, she was also known as a soprano and had been the inspiration of her son. His mother is known as Bowsim Mark. Donnie also plays piano and it is his favorite among other instruments he can play.

Marriage to a Martial Arts Actor

Zing-Ci and Donnie Yen got married in the year 1993 but the marriage lasted for only one year. After the divorce, it was that period of time that Zing Ci found out that she was already pregnant and she gave birth. Their first son is called Jeff and even if Donnie had already divorced Zing Ci, he shares responsibility with his ex-wife and he takes care of his son.

Few people are not able to remember the marriage she had to Donnie Yen since it came to an end as fast as it had started. The two started to date in the year 1993 and in November of that year, Donnie took Zing Ci to the Red Carpet event of his film called Heroes Among Heroes and he introduced her as his girlfriend to the public. Donnie professed the love he had to Zing Ci and he said that he will marry her when he will get enough money to do so. Zing-Ci also talked about her boyfriend as a trustworthy, reliable and innocent person.

In just 3 months of their dating, they got married in the United States. However, this marriage did not last since. After only one year, they had already divorced. Their son Jeff was born in the year 1995 after the divorce had been finalized. Jeff is obedient, intelligent and quiet and he attended Kowloon high school. Jeff also likes theater and he won Best Director and Best Screenplay award at the local school.

Even if the marriage is now over, there are reports that the two are still in a close relationship. He gives her alimony and he bought her a million-dollar luxury home. However, during an interview, Donnie Yen said that he does not feel as if he owes anything to his ex-wife. When they divorced, he only had 10,000 dollars and he gave everything to her. He does not think that he should give anything more than that.

Ex-Husband’s Personal Life

Donnie was called the example of a perfect man and his devotion and love towards his family is felt around the world. His current wife is Cecilia Wang and they have two children, James and Jasmine. They are supportive to Donnie and towards his career. Donnie is known to be humble and to be committed to the martial arts discipline. His marriage to Cecilia is his second marriage.

Donnie Yen’s net worth is 40 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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