Troy Landry an American reality TV star and entertainment personality known for his TV show called Swamp People which is broadcasted on the History Channel.


Troy Landry was born on June 9, 1960 in the state of Louisiana. His ethnicity is white. The name of the father of Troy Landry is Duffy Landry who is also a Louisiana native. As Louisiana natives, his family has a strong background in hunting alligators for a living and he continued the family profession from the early stage of his life.


In his wildest dreams, Troy never knew that he would become a TV star and create his own reality TV series called ‘Swamp People’. The reality series is one of the many reality shows on the History Channel. The show is based on the everyday life of the Louisiana natives who are living and working in the swamps. The show started to broadcast on the History Channel on August 22, 2010. His extraordinary work on the reality TV series has brought him tons of fame and the love of millions of people.

He is more of a reality TV star who has not been asked to act in a feature film yet but there’s no doubt that producers will call him when they need someone to portray an alligator expert. His TV career started in the reality series ‘Swamp People’ with the very first episode of the series. He took part in all the episodes of ‘Swamp People’ since it started in 2010 with the first episode being named ‘Big Head Bites It’.

He is featured himself and his family in the series. In an interview with Louisiana Travel, Troy gave some insight into the production of his TV show, Swamp People. When asked if he had any concerns or worries about how the show would portray his way of life and passion, he said “Mostly I was worried about, I didn't want them to show too much of the killing part of the alligator. It's real nasty in the boat; at the end of the day, it gets ugly. I was really worried they were going to make it a blood battle on TV.”

Troy didn’t want the audience to view the show as a gore fest that was only on air to make people feel uneasy. He really wanted people to see a genuine lifestyle that was natural, he went with a great network that listened to his wants and needs, “I find History Channel did an awesome job. They show us harvesting the gator but didn't focus a whole lot on the killing part. They showed a lot of our families. We live simple down here because that's the way we choose to live, you know.”

The History Channel did a great job of showing the whole culture around Troy’s hometown, “I grew up in the bayous and the swamps, and I'm happy where I'm at and doing what I'm doing, and the History Channel did an awesome job of showing the way we live. It's all positive."

There were some dicey parts on the show like hunting with a camera crew, "Of course, the more people you've got in harm's way, the more dangerous it is and the more careful you have to be. But, you know, it's all worked out good. “


There was an adjustment period for Troy and his time because they weren’t accustomed to hunting with a large party, “We take our time more now that we've got the camera people with us. We slow down a little bit and take our time more than we used to. I love my camera man and I treat him like he's part of my family.”

The union works really well now because Tory was able to develop a bond with his camera crew, “When I do something in the boat that he don't like, he threatens to tell my wife or tell my momma on me. When they came down this year to film season two, I told them the only way I'd do it is if I had my same camera man with me."

In the year 2013, he worked on the TV commercial of ‘The Wolverine’ directed by James Mangold. He was also featured as himself in ‘The Queen Latifah Show’ in 2014. He starred in ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ which was directed by Matt Reeves in 2014.

Personal Life

He is living with his amazing family. His family consists of his wife Bernita Landry, three children named Brandon Landry, Jacob Landry and Chase Landry. His children have also appeared on his reality TV series.

Because of his fame and popularity for his marvelous work in his reality TV show, he was featured in ‘Choot’Em Angry Swamp’, an arcade style mobile app game. Despite of the fact that he has done an amazing job in his reality show, it is a bit disappointing for his fans that there is not much information on his background. Fans who want to see pictures of him on Instagram will be disappointed because he is not active on this platform of sharing pictures which is unfortunate because he must have great photos of the swamp area.

He has activity on other social network sites like Facebook and Twitter with a huge fan group following on those platforms. He has a verified Twitter account proving that he himself is doing the activities on that account. In Twitter, he has thousands of fans following him and that proves the huge popularity that he has. He tweets from time to time from on Twitter to get in touch with his followers. In an interview he said that ‘Pawn Stars’ and ‘Ax Man’ are his favorite TV shows apart from his own shows. On his days off, he sometimes challenges himself and gets involved in cutting trees.

Some sources state that he has an extraordinary net worth of 650 thousand dollars and the figure is increasing with time as his fame grows.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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