Tanya Memme is a renowned actress and TV presenter in Canada. She was born on the 15th June in the year of 1971. The place she was born is called Wainfleet, a small area of Ontario in Canada. Her birth name is Tanya Lynn Memme. She is mostly famous for hosting the TV show ‘Sell This House’ which was broadcasted on the A&E television network in 2003.


She studied in the Denis Morris Catholic High School in Saint Catharines. In the year of 1993, she was crowned as the Miss World Canada. Along with her friend Meredith Patterson, she attended to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She is one of the three daughters of Frank Memme and Beverley Barber.


The year 1993 is very special for her. In that certain year she achieved the crown as the Miss World Canada which belongs to the system of Miss World competition. In the year of 1996 she got the chance to start her career in the entertainment with the TV series called ‘F/X: The Series’ in its ‘Dingo’ episode. She hosted the popular TV series Sell This House from the very beginning of the program. This show brought her fame and vast level of popularity. She worked also as a consultant producer of this show. After that show she hosted ‘Move This House’ and worked as a correspondent of ‘Entertainment Tonight Canada’ which was an entertainment news TV series broadcasted in the Global TV channel. After that she has been credited for acting in 12 TV series and movies till 2008. Since her debut in the entertainment industry, she was always keen to work in movies and tv shows. She has been a part of few movies including ‘Jungle 2 Jungle’ directed by John Pasquin in 1997, ‘Terror Inside’ directed by Joe G. Lenders in 2008. In the film Terror Inside she worked as a co-producer also. She has been quiet successful throughout her career in TV series and show business. She has net worth of $800 thousand USD according to some sources. This figure shows the popularity of his work and demand for her.


She is a pretty woman with a height of 1.63 m. She is happily married. She is the wife of Vahan Yepremyan. Her marriage with Vahan Yepremyan took place on the 23rd October in 2010. They are living happily since then. Her fans are interested to know about the children of her. As far the children are concerned, she has a child. The 19th day of April in the year of 2011 is the happiest day for her. Because on that day she gave birth to her baby girl and named her Ava. She is very happy for having her and loves her more than anything. She is pretty concerned about modern fashion. She loves to change her hairstyle from time to time. Fans who want to try the hairstyle of her can go to thehairstyler.com. They have a section where they provide essential tips to try the different celebrity hairstyle. Like many more celebrity on that section they also have Tanya Memme there.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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