Synyster Gates is an American musician. He was born on the 7th July in the year of 1981. His birth place is known as Huntington Beach, a place of California in the United States. His birth name is Brian Elwin Haner Jr. But people love to call him Syn. He is mostly renowned as lead guitar player and back vocalist of the band named Avenged Sevenfold.


His biography is enriched with his amazing work in music over the years. One of his achievements is that he has been ranked 87th on the list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Guitar World. He was born to Brian Haner who is a musician, author and comedian simultaneously. Before entering into the music career he attended at the Musicians Institute of Los Angeles in California and learnt Jazz and classical guitar there. He is influenced from different genre of music including Jazz, classical and avant-garde.


With the band ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ he has contributed in seven albums recorded between the year of 2001 and 2013. In the year of 2002 he worked with Pinkly Smooth in Unfortunate Snot. He is so popular to the audience that when they perform in the stage they often shout by taking his name. He worked in TV platform also. He has been credited for doing work in soundtrack in a video game called ‘EA Sports UFC’ in 2014 and in a movie named ‘Big Momma’s House 2’ directed by John Whitesell in 2006. He wrote ‘Bat Country’ for the movie. He is also credited for giving voice in the video game called ‘Call of Duty: Black ops 2’ in 2012. He worked in the TV series called ‘The Jeff Dunham Show’ as a composer in 2009. He composed the music of the ‘Jeff and Walter Visit a Therapist’ episode. Besides these remarkable works he appeared in many music videos and TV shows. He has been very successful throughout his entire career. Because of his huge popularity and acceptance to the audience his net worth is $16 million USD right now. And the figure has an upward slop tendency.


He is a handsome person with a height of 5’10’’. He is a married person. He married Michelle who is the twin sister of the front man of their band. He has no children with her. He has many fans in America as well as across the globe. He is followed by his fans everywhere. They always want to know about him and get in touch with him. He also enjoys getting in touch with his fans. He is pretty active in social networks like twitter. In his twitter account he has a huge fan base of 48.4 thousand followers. He tries to interact with them from time to time by twitting. He is also active in instagram. The name of his instagram account is guitargOd. In that account he has a follower base of 28.2 thousand fans. This vast amount of fan base proves the huge popularity that he has been able to gain through his work in music and in other art medium.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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