Tamra Judge is known as a reality show star. She had a role in The real Housewife of Orange County at Bravo. She was also on the spin off show called Tamra’s OC Wedding. She is sexy and sweet. She was born in California in the United States of America and she has American parents. She was raised in California and she has a brother called Kenny Barney and they were raised together. She is of the white ethnicity.

From her biography, Tamra had been in three marriages. For the first time, she was married to Darren Vieth. Together with him, she got a son called Ryan Vieth. She divorced him in the year 1990.

After the divorce with the first husband, she started to live a single life for many years. In late 1990s, she got engaged to Simon Robert Barney. The wedding ceremony took place on 23rd in 1998. During this marriage, she was able to get three children. However, the marriage ended in 2011.

The children are a son Spencer Barney born in 2001, a daughter called Sidney Barney born in 2000 and a daughter Sophia Barney born in the year 2006.

After her divorce, she married Eddie Judge as her third husband,. They were married in 2013 and the wedding ceremony was aired in Tamra’s OC wedding. Her age now is around 50 years old.

Before entering in the entertainment industry, she was working in real estate as an agent for some years. She was named as Hottest Housewife. She has a net worth of around 800K dollars.

In the year 2017, she reported that she suffered a melanoma. She posted a selfie at her Instagram account when she was wearing a short-short and she revealed that she has a small mole at her butt. Even if the pictures looked sexy, it was telling another story and it is a troubling one. She captioned the picture saying that she is showing the pictures to let people know what the melanoma does look like. She asked people to get the skin checked since for her, it looked like just a small black and flat freckle. She had no idea that she is dealing with a cancer and she hoped that she is going to be fine.

However, she was anxious about such recent cancer diagnosis. At the beginning, she was pissed off, worried and somehow sad. However, in end, she was happy that it was found out when it was still early and it is easy to deal with it.

However, his son Ryan is also fighting his own battle after he had been diagnosed to suffer Hemochromatosis. This is a condition which makes the body to absorb much iron in the blood. Genes which cause this problem are inherited and there are no serious problems that someone can get from it as far as he gets blood donation regularly and take medicine.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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