Tamara Hall was born in early 60s. She is native of Bozeman, Montana and was raised there along with her sisters. There is no information about her early childhood or parents. After high school she enrolled to Montana State University and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Speech and English Education. Later she continued her education and also got her Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling.

She began her career in the end of 80s. In the 1990 she becomes Businesswoman of the Year, when she was chosen by the Chamber of Commerce. Tamara was interested in leadership development and improving management skills in business. By using jokes and funny stories she makes workshops and keynotes for different professional and personal tasks. She worked nationwide and spoke for audiences to help take control of their lives in forty nine states in United States and for eight provinces in Canada. Tamara makes her presentations for audience with humor because she is sure people learn better if they are laughing during the education process. She presents her stories with using her special sense of humor and practical methods of solutions for different problems.

She published her first book “When life kicks - Kick back: Survival Skills for Personal Crisis and Life's Challenges" in the 1997. As she said her book provides life strategies to the people, who want to be winners during their life. She has a huge background work in education and business spheres, in the past she was a college instructor, speech coach, television commentator. Tamara was the finalist for the Outstanding Young Woman of America Award. Currently she worked in her office on Rocky Road, Bozeman, Montana. She is the owner of her Company Communications Plus. In addition to her career as a speaker she also writes a regular column in her own local newspaper in Montana. She also was involved in television programs and weekly radio talk show.

Being an education expert she has a lot of clients in school from Alaska to New York. She wanted to improve education system in United States and during the years of hard work she has motivated, entertained and informed educators all over the country. She has worked and spoken with audience at National Association of Federal Education, Canada National Student Leadership Conference, Manitoba Elementary Teachers event, National Association of School Business Officials and many others. Tamara was also elected as the board member for native Bozeman school.

Tamara is very active in charity work. She also was the finalist for First Lady Award in Montana State for service to Montana's children with special needs. She is married lady. She was blessed with three children. Currently she resides with her family in Bozeman, Montana. In general she has maintained to keep her profile very low so there is no any more information found related to her personal life details. Her total net worth and salary are not disclosed by any source.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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