Susan Felder

Susan Delder has been a professional actor for more than 20 years. She is well known for her play, Wasteland. Wasteland was also premiered at Chicago’s Timeline Theatre. Her play Temple Spirit, Swimming with Van Gogh and Milky Way and Main is also quite famous among people. 

Personal Life

Susan’s name before marriage was Susan Pickersgill. She got married to Don Felder on 1971. Don was a lead guitarist in Mighty Eagle Band. The couple was blessed with four children named Jesse, Cody, Leah and Richard. The couple was married for 30 years. In 2000, he got separated from his wife Susan.

In 2001, the band fired Don, for Don it was everything was getting stripped away. That phase was most difficult for him. There are no rumors of Susan getting into a relationship with anyone and same is the case with Don. Susan’s net worth and her salary are not publically disclosed by her. But her ex-husband’s net worth is around 60 million U.S dollars, as of 2016.

Their daughter Leah is also a musician like her father. She is also a writer, actress and composer. Apart from Leah, none of her children got fame. Susan is not very active on social media, she doesn’t have Wiki page and not an Instagram account but it didn’t affect her internet fan base.


Susan is a theatre artist and has been working for 20 years and her plays are loved by the audience. She teaches acting on different universities like CCM-College, Loyola University Chicago, Northwestern University, Montana State University and Oklahoma State University. Her play Wasteland was one of the most successful events; there was a special world premiere at Chicago’s Timeline Theatre.

She has been part of many plays which includes Temple Spirit, SWIMMING WITH VAN GOGH, MILKY WAY AND MAIN, JUMPING MOUSE, THE QUIET MAN TALES, A LOVE LOST LIFE, WAITING FOR GODOT, THE BLUE HOUR, A SON AT THE FRONT, and HOUSE OF BUTTERFLIES. Susan has also directed MACBETH, THE TEMPEST, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, JULIUS CAESAR, and ROMEO AND JULIET for Montana Shakespeare.  She has also been a verse coach for number of Shakespeare productions across country.  

Susan’s Divorce

They say, to achieve success, an individual may take years upon years, but it would only take a minute for that success to take a turn, which is the harsh reality of things. In other words, one may be up after years of struggle, but things would promptly become upside down within seconds. This notion has been proven in the life of Don Felder, Susan’s ex-husband.

As mentioned earlier, it was in 1971 that Susan got married to the legendary guitarist. Susan and Don had four children: Leah Jenner, Cody Felder, Jesse Felder and Rebecca Felder. However, these children were not enough reason for the ex-couple to try and mend their difference since Susan and Don still opted to divorce.

According to Susan’s ex-husband, apart from being fired from the Mighty Eagle band, his other biggest disaster in his life was divorcing from Susan. The weight of the divorce was hard on Felder to the extent that he hasn’t been in any other marriage or relationship ever since. To him, the divorce tainted his hard-earned image as a father and a family man.  

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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