Paula Malcomson was born in 1970 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her parents were happy to welcome their daughter. As to the siblings, she seems to have none of them. While being a child, she attended the local school and grew up an ordinary girl.During the formative years, she was interested in music and film industry.

There is not so many information about her childhood and further education. As she had a dream to become an actress, she was taking some acting lessons and practicing a lot. Paula’s acting debut happened after she played a role of Trixie in the HBO series “Deadwood”. After the show appeared on the screen, Malcomson became much more popular than she was before.

She became more noticed among other actresses. Later, Paula took part in an American television drama series “Lost” on ABC. It brought Malcomson a great success as a performer. She was invited to play Amanda Graystone in the spin off series called“Battlestar Galactica”. She also played as Maureen Ashby in the FX series “Son of Anarchy”. Besides Paula participated in the Stowaway episode of “Fringe”.

Her next role of Mr’s Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” made her notable and famous in the Hollywood. There was also a role of Abby Donovan in “Showtime”, with which she coped perfectly. Among other her appearances on the screen there are such TV-shows and movies as“Trance”, “Profiler”, “Hamlet”, “The Practice”,“Star Trek: Enterprise”, “Deadwood”, “Providence”, “The Green Mile”, “Strong Medicine”, “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”, “Six Feet Under” , “Quintessence”, “Cold Case”, “The Death Strip”, “John from Cincinnati”, “Criminal Minds”, “Morning After”, “Caprica”, “The Event”, “Lie to Me”, “Grass Stains”, “We Have Always Lived In the Castle” and so on. Paula is very enthusiastic and hardworking person. Due to her persistent work and a great talent, she has no financial needs in the everyday life. Her earnings are enough to provide a wealthy style of life. Moreover, her net worth is estimated to be nearly $4 Million dollars.

As to the personal life in her biography, she has not been married. There is not so many news about her relationships. She does not have a husband or children. Besides, she was not noticed to be dating anyone. Paula prefers to keep her personal life in a secret. She does not give many interviews or interact with journalists. She can only appear on some fashionable occasions or parties.

Malcomson likes to interact with her admirers due the Internet and sheis an active user of social media. She has her accounts on such popular websites as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It is entertaining to read about her thoughts and feelings. There are thousands of fans and followers, who are interested in her life. Unfortunately, there is not so many information about her private life. 

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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