Neil Joseph was born in the late 70s. There is no information about his family, parents and early life. He was raised in California. He has been interested in since and technologies sine he was a child and always had a passion for cars and lighting. When he was a kid, Neit built his own computers. By sixth grade, he employed three college students part time to build internet pages for small businesses. After high school, he attended the University of California in Berkeley. He graduated with a B.S. Degree in in Engineering Physics in the middle of 90s.

In the 1995 Neil founded his own company NCS Tech. His company worked until was closed in the 2001 after six years of business. For a three months in the 2006 he worked as a business process consultant at the Discovery Solutions. Two years later he becomes an Engineering Consultant for the Technos Inc. He worked there for two years until he left in the 2010 for another position.In May of the same year Neil joined Tesla Motors in Palo Alto, where he worked as Delivery Program Manager. During the work for Tesla, he saw first hand how the right technology and products can change old industries and change the world in general. He got there an experience of three and a half years.

Afterwards, on October of the 2013, being experienced businessman, he finally founded his own company “Stack”, which mostly known as “Stack Lighting”. He was inspired by the work for Tesla and during few years he got many ideas for his new successful business. Neil was very passionate and serious in his dreams and he was planning to start his serious business. His business project Stack has a deal with such companies like Tesla, Intel, Google, Oracle, NASA, HP Labs and more others.

Recently, his company introduced their first product, which was titled “Alba”and it’s the first responsive light bulb in the world, that can automatically adjust to natural light, and also to find the right color temperature for the space and time. It can turn itself on or off, which, depending on room occupancy. Neil uses his patent-pending sensor technologies to offer software solutions for commercial customers in the 2015. Now his Company Stack Lighting is big and successful, there is a professional crew and really good sales.

In addition to his work for Tesla Motors and his own company he continued his work with Method Autosport, which located in Redwood City, California and where he was a managing partner since the 2011. There is nothing that says that he is married or has a girlfriend. He has maintained to keep his profile very low so there is no any more information found relating to his personal life. Currently, he resides in his house in San Francisco. He reportedly earns a huge amount of salary to be able to have accumulated good net worth. The information about him can be found on several social media sites, like Twitter or Facebook.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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