Michelle Bernard

Michelle Bernard is a popular lawyer, political analyst, CEO and social worker. She is also an established author and has voiced several social issues regarding women of the society.

Personal life

Michelle Bernard was born in the year 1963 on July 30th. She was born in Washington, D. C to her Jamaican American parents. She holds an American nationality as she has spent her early childhood years in the US. She was brought up in a very cultural atmosphere. Her parents were very strict and that is why she had to maintain great discipline. As a child, she was very obedient. Her parents took great pride in her and her all round excellence. Michelle was a very good student. Her parents always wanted her to show some interest towards dance and drama. Though Michelle used to go to take up these classes as a child, she did not like them. When she grew up to be a teenager, she discontinued these classes, which disappointed her parents a lot.

Michelle preferred debates, news and politics more than dance and drama. Besides that, Michelle also has great writing skills. Her love for literature has helped her to create an identity as an author. Initially, she used to write short poems, which were published in her school magazines. She was very popular among her friends for her excellent writing skills. When she went in the university, she did a major in philosophy and a minor degree in political science. Bernard always preferred the career of a criminal lawyer and her main aim was to wipe off the crimes from society. Though Michelle was very passionate towards the career of a lawyer, she never gave up on her passion for writing.

When she was working at the CNN channel, she got married to Joe Johns. The couple has dated each other for a long time, before tying the knot. In the year 2008, the couple got divorced. It was rumoured that Michelle was having an extramarital affair which led to the divorce but we have not received any confirmation yet about this matter. She also has two children from this marriage. Later, in the year 2014, she got married again. She is now leading a happy married life with her husband and two children.


Michelle enjoys a successful career as a lawyer. She has handled several political cases in her career. Though she initially started her career as a lawyer, her interest shifted towards political affairs surfaced soon enough! She participated in the political system of her country. She has also played an important role in the Independent Women's Forum where she held the position of CEO and President. She was also an honourable member of the trustee group of the Hampton University. She has enjoyed a very high salary in her career, which is the reason of her high net worth amount. She has not revealed the exact amount of her net worth and neither is there any information with the media.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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