Mel Gibson is a popular icon of the television industry. He is a famous actor and director. He has also earned fame as a producer of the industry. He has made several appearances which have increased his popularity as an actor.

Mel Gibson was born in the year 1956 on January 3rd. He grew up as a resident in New York in the Peekskill with his eleven siblings. His parents were Anne Patricia and Hutton Gibson. His father was a professional writer and his mother was an efficient home maker. He has received an Irish upbringing as his paternal grandparents were from the Irish ancestry. He also has an American citizenship from his mother. He initially wanted to become a writer like his father as he felt encouraged through his writings. He also cherished the importance everyone used to give his father as a writer. He had a vast knowledge in literature and started writing poems from an early age.

However, his father came across an accident due to which his hands were injured and he could not go further with his writing. So his mother had to start looking for job opportunities. They had to move to West Pymble in Sydney, Australia when he was only twelve years old. As it was the home town of his mother, they went there looking for economic security. He took his education from the St. Leo’s Catholic College by a charity group Congregation of Christian Brothers in Wahroonga, New South Wales. He was very good in studies, but his family could not afford to fund it so they took the help of the charity to fund his high school education.

Gibson’s love for literature paved his path to the theatre. He started doing theatres just after completing his high school education. He could not go to the university due to the financial crisis of his family so he concentrated in building up his career. He gave an audition and impressed Vincent Canby through it. He has also remarked that he have star qualities in him. He was initially starred in the Mad Max film series which earned him the title of an “action hero". Later, he appeared in many thrillers as well as in many comedy roles. While he was gaining the prosperity in his career, he also learnt producing and directing from his seniors.

After that, he appeared in Australian television and cinemas. He made major appearances in The Bounty, Attack Force Z, The River, Mrs. Soffel, Hamlet, Bird on a Wire, Air America, Lethal Weapon 4, Forever Young, Lethal Weapon 3, Braveheart, Conspiracy Theory, Chicken Run, The Patriot, We Were Soldiers, What Women Want, Edge of Darkness, The Exoendables 3 and many more.

He has also won many awards for his career like the Global Achievement Award, Australian Film Institute Award, The Hollywood Reporter Award, Hollywood Film Awards and more. He has also produced several films like the The Three Stooges, An Ideal Husband, The Million Dollar Hotel, How I Spent My Summer Vacation which has earned him a lot of recognitions in the industry. His career as a producer and director has also added to his net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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