Mary Lee Harvey is famous as the ex-wife of comedian and game show host, Steve Harvey. She became more famous after her accusation that she was forcibly separated from her son.


Mary/ Marie (No adequate source to prove whether it is Mary or Marie) married Steve after he got separated from his first wife Marcia Harvey. They met in 1989 in Arlington, when he was working in a comedy show. They met and fell in love at the first sight. They dated for less than a year and got married, in the same year. They lived together for 17 years and they have a son who was born in 1997. It is said that Steve had eyes on his current wife, even when he was married to Mary. But, the popular reason for separation is his growth in career. He became more famous and planned to move on. The marriage eventually ended in divorce in 2005 and he immediately started dating his current wife, Marjorie Bridges.

Divorce and custody battle

The divorce was not a smooth one. Both Mary and Steve requested for the custody of the son and Steve was given the custody. Mary was given three of Steve’s homes and also 40,000 dollars per month, till 2009. Wynton’s custody was given to Steve as it was stated that she sent him in an airplane to Steve without even mentioning to Steve that she is doing so. Steve had submitted documents to prove the same. Mary pleaded that she has spent six years without her son and she wants him back. Mary pleaded for access to her son without any interference. Regarding her childhood, Mary has never shared anything about her personal life. This includes her marital relationship with Steve as well. It is assumed that she is still single as she was not seen with any boyfriend, when she was pleading for her son. Her personal life went out of limelight after she got separated from her husband, Steve.


Mary was the backbone of the family and pushed Steve up to the height he is now. It is stated that a gag order was included in the divorce settlement which she violated, many years after the divorce. For this violation, she was imprisoned for contempt of court.

Affair accusation

Later, in 2011, Mary posted a few videos in YouTube that she was physically and emotionally abused by Steve and also accused him of having an affair when they both were married. Steve look legal action against her for her false allegation. He mentioned that Marjorie, his current wife was nowhere in his life when the divorce happened. It is said that they know each other for a couple of years but they started dating after the divorce. Mary was reprimanded and ordered to cease. After the legal action, she went off the limelight while her son still stays with Steve, his third wife and kids from his third marriage.


There are no details to whether or not she worked when she was married to Steve. Her current career status and growth are not known to media too. Mary has not given any information about her job, till date.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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