Les Zampino is an American personality, martial arts instructor, actor, and celebrity father. He is best known as father of famous actress Sheree Zampino, grandfather of Trey Smith, and ex father in law of famous actor, Will Smith.


Les Zampino was born in the middle of the 1930s. His exact date of birth is not available on public record and his exact age cannot be stated with assurance because he has not given his personal information to the media. He is native of the city known as Schenectady, New York. There is no information about his early years, siblings and parents because he is a very private person

There is not much information available about his working career from the 1950s to 1960s but there is evidence that he attended Mont Pleasant high school in Schenectady.

Martial Arts Career

Les was interested in martial arts since he was a young teenager. He reached a big success point in taekwondo and first began training in the 1969 under his Master, Sang W. Lim. In the late 70s, he still continued doing martial arts training and finally opened his first location on Broadway in Schenectady, New York. He was happy to be the proud owner of his own gym in 1977. Afterwards, he became of a member of the ATA under Grandmaster H. U. Lee. During the years from 1981 to 1985, he trained under Master Suk Joon Kim with the ITF and Grandmaster Won Keun Bai.

Les Zampino is a Grandmaster who founded the Northeast Taekwondo Academy. Northeast Taekwondo is one of the main schools in the state of New York. It was the pioneer of Martial Arts schools in the Capital District. The school was established in 1977 and has become the longest operating Taekwondo Academy in the area. Les Zampino's Academy was also chartered by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), it’s become very popular and successful in providing many benefits to Academy members.

Les Zampino has more than 45 years of experience in martial arts. He is an owner of an 8th Degree Black Belt. He has appeared at different martial arts sporting events and also has been on the AAU Taekwondo Executive Committee for over twenty years. As the head Instructor that puts a strong emphasis on health and balance, he has promoted a healthy lifestyle for his students.

Daughter in the Entertainment Industry

Les Zampino is a married man. Along with his lovely wife, he has a beautiful daughter Sheree Zampino. Sheree Zampino was born on November 16, 1967. She is a successful actress as well as a producer. Sheree was once married to famous actor Will Smith. Les become a grandfather in 1992, his grandson was named Trey. Later, Sheree decided to divorce from Will Smith when she found out that he was dating Jada Pinkett Smith in a secret affair. In 2007, she got married again, this time she gave her hand in marriage to former football player, Terrell Antoine Fletcher.


Sheree gave birth to beautiful daughter named Jodie Fletcher and brought to her father, one more grandchild. Les raised a really smart and educated woman. His daughter has a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and she managed to study business at the same time. She started her acting career with the reality TV show “Hollywood Exes” in 2012.

When she started to gain a little bit of fame from her reality show appearance, she wanted to convert the new found fame to money. She wanted to be in control of her own destiny so she decided to start her own beauty line. One of her first products was a body butter. In an interview with Black Hair Media, she was asked to explain her new beauty product, “Whoop Ash is an intense body butter. It is hypoallergenic. It is 99.9% natural. It has Shea and mango. There is grape seed oil and mango. It is a really powerful body butter. What we did was we repelled a lot of the water. It is concentrated and thick. This will give you more bang for your buck.”

When asked why she decided on a body cream as her featured product, she said, “I read a book called The Secret Life Of Bees. After reading the book I got inspired. I really got interested in honey. I studied it. Then I thought, I love to cook and entertain. Let me research more into what you can make with the ingredient honey. What I found were spa recipes. Recipes that were not made to be eaten but rather to be put on the body. Honey and skin care dates back thousands and thousands of years. Queens used it. It is natural. Honey draws moisture in and seals it. I literally got my big gumbo pot out and combined all of these ingredients in my kitchen and I made this body butter. I played.  My first thought was not to do this as a business. I wanted to bless people. I wanted to give it away. God kept increasing my vision. He was saying that it was bigger than that.”

Sheree claims that the cream will replenish the skin of her customers. She has had testimonials from Chemo patients saying how it has helped to moisturize their skin and bring their skin back to life. She has testimonies from people saying that it helped their eczema. Her cream was reported to have improved eczema in adults and children.

Personal Life

Currently, Les is still engaged and very passionate in the field martial arts. He is in charge of the Academy and has spent much time with his grandchildren and his family during the holidays and spare time.

Les Zampino has nothing in common with politician Frank Zampino but they are often mistaken for family because of their shared last names. The total net worth of Les Zampino is unknown because of his tendency to avoid the media. His daughter’s net worth is believed to be in the region of 6 million dollars which she has gained from her acting career and media appearances.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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