Lara Spencer

Lara Christen Von Seelen was born on June 19, 1969 at New York. She won the title of all American athlete in 1991. Interior designing has been her passion and she has produced 2 shows based on it, which won many accolades for her.

Lara Christine Von Seelen also known as Lara spencer is an American television journalist and a co-anchor of ABC’s good morning America. She is also a correspondent for ABC news. As a journalist, she has been dealing with celebrities in America. Her marriage to David haffenreffer has been rock solid since September 30, 2000 till date. They are blessed with 2 children, a boy and a girl, who are now 12 years and 10 years respectively.

Lara was working as a TV reporter, when she tied the knot to her husband who was then a TV news anchor. They have been married since 14 years and all along these years, there haven’t been a mirror crack of a single affair or a scandal. Every time a rumour comes up regarding their divorce, people laugh it off by saying, that could never happen to them as they are very committed and love each other and their family. All around, we see relationships falling apart and high profile weddings breaking up. However this couple, make it work together as a team. They go to long drives during weekends and spend happy family time with their 2 children. Lara is one such celebrity woman who has been level headed and not let the celebrity status get into her head. This is the reason she has had no affairs or scandals so far.

She leads a much disciplined life restricting herself to alcohol and always supports her children. Like a caring mother, she picks up her children from school and has dinner with them. She goes to bed early and her morning starts by 4 am. Interior designing has been her hobby and she dedicates time for it. All these activities have kept her occupied and happy thereby, a contended life. She has a happy time with her husband laughing and they share a romantic equation, which keeps them together. She is a tennis player as well and plays during weekends. Coming from the same working backgrounds Lara and David had much to speak in common. Lately, David has moved on to real estate business. Till date, she has been in only one relationship and values her family more than anything else. In spite of the high profile career, she leads a very down to earth life. David describes Lara as his best friend who makes him laugh. Her secret to a successful life is that she an ardent lover of dogs and has a dog at her home. She rescued 2 dogs from the hurricane Katrina. This couple do setup a positive trend of enjoying successful married life. She gives all credit to her family whom she is very close and values a lot. She is happy being the girl next door rather than a diva.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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