Kiki Vandeweghe is a renowned executive and former player of the basketball team of America and now, holds a prestigious position in the National Basketball Association.

Personal life

Vandeweghe has a keen interest in football. His father, Ernie Vandeweghe was a player in the National Basketball Association and his mother Colleen Kay Hutchins was the winner of a beauty pageant of the year 1952. From childhood, he was trained as a basketball player by his father, which developed him into the best scorer. Vandeweghe completed his education and university studies to finally join the UCLA club.

Before joining the team, he kept revising his skills by playing consecutive matches in local areas and also for his school and college teams. He became a professional basketball player in his career and became very famous within a short span of time, due to his excellent scoring techniques. He has achieved a lot of success in his career and owns a good amount of net worth. Now, he is the vice-president of the National Basketball Association which helps him to increase his net worth.

Vandeweghe now lives with Peggy, his wife and son Ernest Maurice Vandeweghe. Vandeweghe leads a happy married life with his wife and son. Though he does not share much about his personal life with the mass media, he is quite happy and contented with his life, as we can see over the social media sites.


Vandeweghe started his career with the UCLA during the senior season of the club. Though the team lost some starters in the beginning of the season, they were able to cope with it, in the next few matches. After recovering from this, the team participated in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament and reached the final but could not secure the winning trophy.

During the year 1980, Vandeweghe was selected as the member of the Nuggets, which helped him in getting selected in the NBA team. After his selection in the Western Conference All-Star team, he scored second during the year 1983 with an average point of 26.7. He kept scoring many high points after this and some career high points like 50, 51 and more. Next, Vandeweghe played several seasons in Portland where he was able to score 25 points, on an average.

He also had to face many hurdles in his career when he went through a major back injury while playing in the New York which made him lose his job. After recovering, he joined the Knicks where he played many seasons, before finally retiring from the career in the year 1993. After retiring, Vandeweghe remained connected with the National Basketball Association operations and development work. He was offered the general manager position then, and also as the present vice-president position, within a few years. Next, he was also made the head coach of the New Jersey team which made a record which fetched Vandeweghe a lot of appreciation for his skills and talents. He is surely going to be remembered as an amazing player!

Last Modified: Jul 4, 2020

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