Michael was born on 19 September 1969 under the zodiac sign on Virgo. He was born in Ohio in United States of America. Name of his father is Dennis Symon and Michael’s mother’s name is Angel Symon. Michael also has a sibling whose name is Nikki Symon. Apart from this, there is no information available about his parents. Michael’s childhood was spend in Ohio and he went to Saint Richard School followed by Saint Edward High School. It is known that he completed his education in 1990 after graduating from Culinary Institute of America in New York. Michael had been passionate about cooking since a very early age.

Michael started his career as chef in Cleveland and in 1993 he got a chance to work with Piccolo Mondo. In 1997, Michael decided to invest in a venture with Liz and they started with a restaurant together. After getting success, the partners decided to sell the restaurant as they wanted to move to a bigger location. They restaurant had been quite popular and it had also been awarded with the title of America’s Best Restaurant. Since then Michael opened a lot of restaurants. The third restaurant they started with was in New York City and the name of the restaurant was Parea. Since then Michael came a long way and he opened a lot of restaurants across the country. He even invested in a barbeque venture and gained popularity. His fans love his choice in clothing.

Michael also worked for many TV shows and he is a known face on Food Network. As per the information available, Michael also contested on The Next Iron Chef and he was also able to win the show. Michael was also featured in cookery shows and he hosted shows like Dinner Impossible. Later, Michael got a chance to work in The Best Thing I Ever Ate. He also hosted a talk show on ABC and gained a lot of popularity.

Michael gained a lot of fame through his books as well. He has written a lot of cook books like, ‘The Chew: Food Life Fun. Not just this, his income also came from the endorsements he did. He had been honoured with several awards like James Beard Foundation Award under the category of Best Chef and Best Burger Award which was given to him in 2010. He also won the award for next two years and the award was sponsored by Food Network.

Michael married Liz in late 1990’s and it is known that after his marriage his wife didn’t gave birth to any children but when Michael met Liz, she already had a son from her last partner. They together decided to parent the boy. The name of Michael’s stepson is Kyle.

The major source of income for Michael is his restaurants and some of the shows that he does and because of this his salary is highly variable. His actually annual salary cannot be estimated but his net worth is estimated to be around 4 Million US Dollars. Michael’s complete biography and success story can be ready at Wikipedia and other online sources.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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