Jim Brown was born on 17th February 1936 in St. Simons, Georgia. He is mostly known for being one of the best American Football players. He is 82 years old and retired. He used to play at the Fullback position. In his professional career, he has been honored with different awards. He has also shattered a lot of records during his time. He played for the Cleveland Browns and was recognized as the most valuable player 3 times. However, his recognition is not just because of his football career, he has earned a fair share of his fame from acting too.

Personal Life

Jim Brown was born as James Nathaniel Brown on 17th February 1936 to Swinton Brown and Theresa. His father, Swinton Brown was a professional boxer. He went to Manhasset Secondary School for early education. He was into sports from the start. He played football and baseball in school. He was very good in both games. He has played basketball as well, in his school time. For higher studies, he went to Syracuse University. He kept on improving his game in his junior Years. As he was advancing he was creating more and more records in his game. He still holds some of those records.

Despite being a good sportsman, Jim’s personal life was not that well managed. He was accused of life-threatening attempt to her girlfriend when she was thrown from a balcony on the second floor. Not just that, in 1999 he was also accused of smashing his wife’s car. He has spent 6 months in jail when he was found guilty of not attending the counseling sessions in 2002.

Jim Brown has been married more than once. His first marriage was to Sue Jones which took place in 1958. They got divorced in 1972. However, they together had 3 children named Kim, Kevin and James Jr. He got into a relationship with Brenda Ayres and had a child named Shelle with her. He has two more children named Kimberly and Karen Brown Ward from his third marriage.


Jim’s career is full of achievements. He set records in his school and later performed well in his university. He holds the record of highest rush average in a season with six rushing touchdowns in one game. He was also a prominent part of the basketball team and scored second highest in the college team. In 1957, he was selected in the first round of NFL by the Cleveland Browns.

He remained part of the Cleveland Browns for 9 years. In the history of the NFL, he holds the record of 100 rushing touchdowns. He led his team to win the championship in 1964. After an Amazing time with the Cleveland Browns for 9 years, Jim announced his retirement in 1966 at the age of 30. After his retirement, he never went back to football again. He announced to take a new career path and made his way to Hollywood. He has appeared in more than 30 movies. He started a new program called Amer-I-Can in 1988 for the young people who were the gang members to secure their future.

In 1965, Brown was charged with assault on Brenda Ayres, an 18-year-old girl and next year he had to face legal issues on the accusation that he was the father of Brenda's child. As he was part of two very big industries, sports, and entertainment, his net worth is estimated to be 50 Million dollars. He also received Bert Bell Award in 1963.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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