Jennifer Pfautch

Jennifer Pfautch is another actress who success perhaps has been able to make a name for her because she has been associated with some famous actors. She is extremely good looking and attractive. She is a white publicist and it is believed that she has had relationships with a number of celebrities and this has made her become famous. Her date of birth and other such details are not known because she likes to keep it a secret. Since she is the wife of a famous television actor, her popularity has been quite good and this is aided by the fact that she looks stunningly beautiful.

Personal Life

Nothing much is known about her early life and therefore it would be better to look at her personal life. She is married to the famous actor Omar Hardwick. He is known for his role as Ghost St. Patrick and the famous drama series The Power. Jennifer Pfautch married Omar Hardwick in 2012 and they have been living happily together ever since. The wedding was quite because of her decision to marry a famous TV personality.

Though she lost a son in infancy for unknown reasons, they now have two children Nova and Brave. They are one happy family. Many of the black fans of Omar Hardwick were unhappy because he got married to a white. However, he has stood by Pfautch through thick and thin and this certainly shows that they are deeply in love with one another. Perhaps some day when a biography is written either by Pfautch or Hardwick this fact will come to light.

Before her marriage, Pfautch seemingly was involved in many relationships with famous personalities. However, there is nothing reliable about such relationships and they are more from the grapevine and therefore cannot be authenticated. It however, is a fact that she was sought after by man men before her marriage because she was sexy and good looking in her own unique way.

Net Worth

Though nothing much is known about the net worth of Pfautch, it is a fact that she will inherit a major part of the wealth and estate of Omar Hardwick. His net worth should be around $1.5 million and almost all of this has come from his acting. He still has age on his side and therefore it is expected that the net worth will go up.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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