Alison Berns

Alison Berns is one of the many dozens of women who have come into the limelight because of their association with their husbands and boy-friends. However, there is no denying the fact that Berns was a reasonably talented and successful actress in her own rights. She was born on May 26, 1954 and even at the age of 63 she does look very attractive and charming. She was in Massachusetts USA and she has had reasonably good stint acting in some memorable movies. Over a career spanning many decades she has done quite well but later she preferred to be the wife of Howard Stern.

Early Life

Nothing much is known about her early life and there is no biography to verify it. She is however, of whit ethnicity and as mentioned earlier she was born in Massachusetts, USA. She is an American National. She has three daughters out of her marriage with Howard Stern. They are Emily Beth, Deborah Jennifer and Ashley Jade.

Personal Life

Both Howard Stern and Alison Berns here personal life is quite exciting. Both Howard and Alison were passionately in love with one another and this resulted in her marriage to Howard Stern on June 4, 1978. It was a private wedding attended by her family and friends and also that of Howard Stern. They did live happily for 23 years but separated and got divorced in 2001. It was perhaps because of Stern’s obsession with his career and his works did not give him time to take care of his wife and daughter. It was indeed a painful divorce after 23 long years. After her divorce with Howard, she has married David Simon.\


Alison Berns was indeed a talented actress in her early days. However, she decided to sacrifice her career for the sake of her marriage. She has acted in a number of acclaimed and successful movies and these include Private Parts in 1997, The Howard Stern Show, and U.S. Open Sores.

Net Worth

Alison Berns has been able to build a net worth of around $20 million which is quite impressive. Her separation with Howard Stern also resulted in her in getting a decent settlement. Further she also was a good actress in her young days and she was able to save big money which she has wisely invested and let it grow over the years.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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