Jennifer Harman is a professional poker player from America. She holds the record of being a woman who has won two bracelets in the World Series of Poker. This honor is shared by only one other woman worldwide.

This is a brief bio about Jennifer Harman. It is not to be confused with Jennifer Harman Simon, the avid Internet personality or the CSU student.

Early Life

Jennifer Harman was born in Reno in Nevada. Her birth date is recorded as November 29, 1964. Her father was an avid poker player and there would be many poker games organized during her family gatherings and parties. At times, she would take her father’s place in playing poker. At one time, her father was on the verge of a defeat. Seeing his frustration, Jennifer Harman took his place and turned the entire tide of the game in his favor. Pretty impressed with her poker skills, her father continued to include her in all future games and she became his unofficial advisor of sorts.

Beginning of Professional Poker Career

Harman began playing poker professionally when she was 21. She was a pro at playing Limit Holdem and she amassed a significant amount of winnings with that. As she gained her confidence, she increased her stakes and played with bigger and bigger risks and against some of the most acclaimed names in the business.

As a Poker Champ

Harman impressed everyone in the 2000 World Series of Poker Deuce when she played to a seven triple draw. This was her first time playing this game and it was quite a challenge. Her mentor in the game was Howard Lederer. However, despite her amateur ranking at that game, she emerged victorious at it. This game also gave her the first bracelet at the series. She went on to win another one two years later in 2002.

She has now played with some of the mightiest poker stalwarts at an international level. She is constantly pitted against Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, and Johnny Chan and she often takes winnings from these legends as well. She is not known to hold back either. Harman is a frequent challenger at the largest cash poker game in the world, at the Bellagio, where she puts in her stakes for $4000/$8000 at one time.

She has played the World Poker Tour 5. She ranked fifth at the Professional Poker Tour.

Other Works

Harman is associated with some other works as well. She has undergone a kidney transplant operation and her experience with that caused her to found an organization that is named Creating Organ Donor Awareness. She is a frequent spokesperson for this organization that is abbreviated as CODA.

She is also an author. In Doyle Brunson’s book Super System II, she has written a piece explaining the methods involved in Limit Holdem. She also gives advice for online poker gamers, especially for Full Tilt Poker.

Personal Life

Jennifer Harman was married to Marco Traniello. They have two children. They have since divorced. In 2015, she was inducted to the Poker Hall of Fame. Her net worth currently is estimated to be $15 million.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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