Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Gugu Mbatha-Raw was worn on 30th June 1983 as Gugulethu Sophia Mbatha in Oxfordshire, Great Britain, where she started her acting career. She is a daughter of Anne Raw, nurse and Patrick Mbatha, medical professional from South Africa. Gugu finished high school in Oxfordshire and then moved to London to attend Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, for which she won full scholarship due to her numerous talents. She was interesting in dancing and acting already as a child so it was only natural to pursue her acting career in London.

Professional career

Gugu Mbatha-Raw first started to act in television roles. She had minor appearances in shows such as Bad Girls, Marple and Doctor Who. In 2005 she even had more prominent role in Manchester Royal Exchange Theater, playing Juliet with Andrew Garfield as Romeo. This role got her nomination for Manchester Theater award for the best actress. She also played Cleopatra in that same theater. Few years later, in 2009, Gugu played Ophelia in Hamlet, with Jude Law as Hamlet. Two years later, she got the lead role in Fox show Touch with Kiefer Sutherland; that year she also had a role in comedy Larry Crowne, which was directed (and stared) by Tom Hanks. She had important role in the Belle, interesting historical spectacle from 2013, as well as in the Odd Thomas directed by Stephen Sommers.

The following year she starred in movie called Beyond the Lights that debuted on Toronto Movie Festival. For that movie she was also nominated for Gotham best actress award. This year she received a nomination for Bafta award and also landed a role in blockbuster Jupiter Ascending.

There are some very interesting projects announced with her included, such as The Whole Truth and Will Smith's Concussion, eagerly expected movie about athlete who suffers terrible concussion. This movie is supposed to raise awareness of dangers of sports injuries and rough sports. She will act with Mathew McConaughey in The Free State of Jones and Beauty and the Beast. There are rumors that she will also star in a much-anticipated new Star Wars movie that brings together all of it's original cast. There is also a talk about Blackbird with Danny Glover and Minnie Driver, about musical world, talented musicians and what celebrity does to young talented ones.

Private Life

There is not much known about beautiful British actress that is currently also developing Hollywood career. It is known that she was in a romantic relationship (and even engaged) with Harry Lloyd, also an actor-he played Viserys Targaryen in the famous tv show Game of Thrones. They broke off in 2013 and we didn't see her with other guys ever since. Is it because she is so focused on developing her career? We don't think so, but she has probably developed better skills in hiding her private life in last few years!

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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