Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was born on May 28, 1977. She is a retired American television personality and talk show host that is also known for being the wife of former football player, Tim Hasselbeck


Elisabeth was born in Cranston, Rhode Island and she was also raised there too.  Elisabeth’s mother Elizabeth Del Padre was a lawyer and catholic school teacher and her father, Kenneth Filarski was an architect. Her father is of Polish descent and her mother is of Italian ancestry. She has a brother named Kenneth Jr. who is an aspiring musician and a lawyer.

Elisabeth was actually raised as a roman catholic and she attended catholic school. She went to St.Mary’s Academy Bay View for her primary school. She went on to graduate from the college of Boston in 1999. During her time in college, she was able to captain the softball team for two seasons and they won Big East championships. At the end of her college tenure, she was able to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree concentrating on industrial design and large scale paintings. She joined the shoe company Puma in 1998 while she was still in college. She also worked as a design team member for the same company after she graduated prior to her embarking on her television career. Working with a national brand like Puma gave her a sneak peek to what it would be like working in the corporate world.


In January 2001, Hasselbeck became prominent and famous as she was one of the contestants in the reality TV program called Survivor during the show’s second season. She was in the Kucha tribe originally. She was very outstanding and skilled in her performance where she was able to survive elimination multiple times by avoiding getting voted out. Later in the show’s season, the Kucha and Ogakor tribes became merged and she lasted about nine hours in an immunity challenge.

She ended up in fourth place but she won the attention of many viewers who were attracted to her pretty looks and unique personality. Even though she enjoyed her time on the show, she however declined to go back and participate in the Survivor: All Stars. She felt that it was an experience that she only needed to go through one time. It wasn’t something that she wanted to do again because she was well aware of what it required physically and mentally. She was also already at a point in her life where she didn’t need the exposure. The trade off for what she would have to do on the show was not worth the benefits that she would get from going back on the show.

The View

In November of 2003, she replaced Lisa ling as a co-host on The View. The show featured many different women from diverse backgrounds. The format was that the women would all discuss a specific topic which led to some interesting debates and insights. Her co-hosts were Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd, Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy Behr. The show got an Emmy for the Most Outstanding Talk Show.


Each woman had a big role on the show. Since Barbara Walters was the well respected journalist with decades of experience, she was seen as the mother of the group. She would be the one to get everyone in line when they went too far off topic or things got too heated between the co hosts. Sherri Shepherd played the role of a naïve woman who was kind and innocent but ignorant to the harsh realities of the world. She was often made fun of by the audience because of her ridiculous statements. Whoopie Goldberg was the comedic relief and she relied on her years of experience as a comedian and actress. She was often sarcastic and represented the fans who would often roll their eyes at the some of the opinions that were being thrown around on the show. Joy Behr was also a comedian and she often played the nemesis of Elisabeth. If Elisabeth and Joy were put back into high school, Elisabeth would have been the air head cheerleader and Joy would have been the motorcycle riding student with an edge. It was no surprise that they often butted heads on the show. There was even a moment where Elisabeth broke down in tears because she couldn’t handle the berating she was getting from Joy.

Elisabeth was liked by the producers of the show because she presented a view that was different from the other co hosts. She had very traditional and conservative values. Even though she was often criticized for her stances, her angles were needed on the show to present balance. If she was not on the show, it would have just been an echo chamber with most of the co hosts sharing the same opinions. She got into a very heated debate in 2006 where she was opposing the plan to start selling the morning after pill as a kind of over the counter drug. She argued that life starts at conception. She got backlash because of the many women who couldn’t go through pregnancy for reasons like rape or limited resources.

Elisabeth worked on The View for almost ten years but she made her exit on the July of 2013. She then started co-hosting Fox and Friends when she replaced Gretchen Carlson.

Personal Life

In 2001, she was at Miss Teen USA 2001 as a judge. She was able to host the show “The Look for Less” in 2002. In the show, she would try to find some bargain priced but stylish clothes. She really enjoyed the show because she was paid to expand her fashion palate while also giving advice to her female audience.

In the July of 2012, she got married to Tim Hasselbeck, the NFL quarterback. They had met in college and were in love ever since. They have a daughter and two sons. One of the reasons that Elisabeth is enjoying her retirement so much is that she gets to spend so much time with her family now.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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