Gordon Knight

Gordon Knight is known as a former Iowa State University teacher. He became famous when he was arrested for being drunk during a class in session.

Drunk Teaching Court Case

Gordon Branch Knight, in a court agreement with Story County investigators, entered a plea deal for his drunk teaching case. He had been accused of second-offense public intoxication, which is treated as serious crime in the state of Iowa.

At the time of the case Knight was 56 years old. He was fined $200 in addition to court charges and he was ordered to get a substance misuse assessment.

The drunk teaching incident happened in late November of 2018. The Iowa State campus grounds police were reached by a college official who had gotten a mysterious report that Knight was slurring his speech during his class lecture. The students did not find his behavior to be funny at all.

Knight was a teacher in philosophy and religious investigations and was instructing in a classroom in Horticulture Hall when he was reported. At the point when police arrived, Knight possessed an aroma like liquor and had blood shot red eyes.

It was the tipping point for King because it was his third liquor related offense inside a 13-month time span.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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