Carter Page

Carter Page is renowned for being a political advisor to America’s current President Donald Trump while he was campaigning for the Presidential elections in 2016.

Personal life

Born on the 3rd of June, 1971 in Minnesota, Carter was raised in Poughkeepsie, New York. Carter’s parents raised their son as a very confident and dominating person which is why he went on to serve as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy. Carter Page was kept as a Trident scholar when he got himself enlisted in the United States Naval Academy.

After graduating from the academy in the year 1993, Carter spent a total of five years with the American Navy before he finally secured a companionship with the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations. Then soon after graduating with an MBA degree from the Stern Business School, Carter Page started working as an investment banker. After his service period got over, Carter opened a branch of the firm he worked for in Moscow and thereinafter served as its chief operating officer.

Carter Page has dated a few women in the past and was once married to Howard Carter. Following his divorce with his first wife, he got into a relationship with Lady Evelyn Harbert. At the moment, Carter is not dating anyone and is solely focused on his political career. He is a workaholic and his strenuous job might be a reason behind his lack of love life. He also abstains himself from getting involved in social media websites.


Carter Page is acclaimed for his numerous contributions to his motherland which he did in different ways. Besides serving for five years in the American Navy, Carter used to be a Marine Intelligence Officer.

After having worked in the navy, Carter began working for Merrill Lynch as an investment banker. In no time, he gained a reputable position in the firm and went on to open its new branch in Moscow wherein he served as the chief operating officer of the company. Being an intellectual, Carter was directly involved in a few of the biggest energy-related deals in early 2000s which included the privatization of a company called RAO UES. This deal is considered quite significant since the company controlled over 70% of Russia’s electricity lines.

After returning back from working in Merrill Lynch in Russia, he set up his very own company titled ‘Global Energy Capital’ along with his partner Sergei Yatsenko. He began working on various projects which also included writing articles for the ‘Global Policy Journal’. It would be safe to say that Carter got his ‘big break’ and overnight success when Donald Trump named him as his political advisor.

Carter Page has been involved in a lot of controversies ever since. He once lauded Vladimir Putin by acknowledging him as a far better President than Barack Obama. Needless to say, Carter’s work ethic helps him earn a lot. His involvement in so many projects has helped him accumulate a net worth of a whopping $610 milion.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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