Andrea Brocelli, a singer, composer, tenor and writer by profession, came to life on September 22nd 1958 in Lajatico, Italy. Andrea was born to the parents Edi and Alessandro Bocelli who both used to work on farms procuring wine. The doctors asked Andrea’s parents to abort him as on the basis of diagnosis, they could see that Andrea would be having some medical problems post birth. But his mother was determined to give him birth and thus he was born. Andrea was very much inspired and attached to his mother because of her decision to give him birth. Andrea had a problem with his eyesight in the initial years and lost his vision completely at the age of 12, when he had an accident as well. Post the loss of vision also Andrea did not leave his passion for music. Andrea was passionate about music since his very birth. He started playing instruments like Piano at a very young age of 6 years, when most of the children are learning to interact with the outside world. He subsequently started singing as well and at the very young age of 12 years, he even won a music competition because of his singing. Andrea married his first wife Enrica Cenzatti in 1992 when he was involved in music. Andrea had 2 sons from his wife named Amos and Matteo. However the couple did not have a very long relation and they both divorced in 2002 when their kids were still very young. Andrea later on married his present wife Veronica Berti and is still staying with her. Andrea has a beautiful daughter with his second wife Veronica Berti.

Andrea pursued his career from a very young age even before his teenage when he started playing instruments and singing. Andrea even participated in many shows and competitions when he was in school and college and won many of them. In his professional career spanning over many years, Andrea has worked in over 40 albums, both video and audio and has won appreciation for many of his music albums as well. Most of the albums of his are famous hits and many of his songs have appeared amongst the top charts in US. He has been honored with the ‘Grand Officer’ Honor by the presidents of Italy and Dominic Republic in the past. He has also been awarded numerous awards including ECHO music award, World music award and numerous others. He was also nominated for the prestigious Grammy award during his career. His most popular songs can be easily found on the You Tube wherein he has got over a million likes on many of his songs.

Andrea has also been involved in a lot of social works, where he was performed for and worked with various NGOs to raise the money for poor, the survivor of various attacks and many other social causes. He has also sung for the earthquake victims in 2010 Haiti. Andrea’s total take annual salary is over 4.5 million and his total net worth is $40 million as of 2015 and this net worth is projected to increase as he is involved in many music albums as of now as well.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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