Vivine Wang

Biography of Vivine Wang:

Vivien Wang is the wife of Businessman and Philanthropist H. Roger Wang. Her husband is of Chinese ethnicity. Besides helping her husband in his business, Vivine is also involved in charity and appearing for social wellbeing as like her husband. The couple is married and has two daughters; namely Dorothy and Janice. Dorothy Wang is the elder one of 28 years old. However, there is no report about Vivine Wang’s birthday, age and marriage date.

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Vivine has a simple and somber personal life. She has a cordial relationship with her husband and provides him a big support. They are married for a long time and they respect each other. They give space to each other. The two also appear in most of the social and charity events together.

Vivine Wang’s career

Being a wife of a successful businessman, Vivine Wang takes interest and looks after her husband’s business venture. She is capable of making important decisions into business and financial matters. Wang has also made a few appearances in ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ and has become popular now. She splits her time between Beverly Hills and China.


 Vivine Wang’s Net worth

Wang is associated with her husband’s business related to various sectors like the Hotel industry, Real Estate, Automotive Maintenance, and Chinese Retail sales. The Company Golden Eagle International has been listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 20016 and thus became Public. H. Roger Wang is the main stakeholder. The entire family has Net worth around 3.2 billion dollars.


Other facts about Vivine Wang

Vivine Wang has filed a Complaint against Bear Stearns Employees alleging that they misinformed and forged the information about Company’s financial condition. Wang refused to make payment for the stock. Later JP Morgan and Co. bought Bear Stearns at a heavy discount.

22 Nov, 2018