Tyler Florence

Quality and tasty food has always impressed people and therefore it is not very surprising to know about the success story of Tyler Florence. He was born on March 3, 1971. He has been able to win the hearts of many hundreds of people through his culinary and cooking skills.

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He has touched the hearts through the taste buds and it certainly is no mean achievement. Further he has been a part of many Food Network shows and this has certainly helped quite a bit as far as his popularity is concerned. We will have a closer look at his biography and find out the reasons for his success in the area food and culinary skills.

Early Life

Tyler Florence was born in a place called Greenville, South Carolina. He did his graduation in Culinary Arts from the College of Culinary Arts. This is a part of the famous Johnson and Wales University. He also has obtained a honorary degree from this University also which certainly is a big feather in his cap. This certainly set the stage for his success in the food industry over a period of time. It also has helped him to open restaurants across the world and his special recipes and food items have found favor with many thousands of people across the world.

Personal Life

Coming to his personal life it would be pertinent to mention that he is married to Tolan Clark and he has a son and daughter out of his marriage to Tolan Clark. In fact Florence has been married once and he has a son with out of his previous marriage and her name is Christie Lear. The couple Tolan and Tyler moved to Mill Valley from New York which is located north of San Francisco. It was here that Tyler opened his retail kitchen store in 2008.


It would be pertinent to mention that Tyler Florence has been very successful. He initially started taking part in many television foods shows. He was initially associated with Food 911 and then he presented the famous food show How To Boil Water. He is now a part of the Food Network and he is the host of the famous show by the name Ultimate. Hence, his career is not only restricted to running restaurants alone but also has to do quite a bit with his ability to successfully host some of the best food shows.

He is running a chain of luxury kitchen supply stores in many places including Northern California. Hence it would be not out of place to mention here he has been able to make his presence felt quite strongly across many cities of the world including USA and some other countries of the world. His ability to offer different types of cuisines taking into account the local food habits and tastes is perhaps what has set him apart from many other such names in the country.

Net Worth

Just by being a food wizard, Tyler Florence has been able to accumulate a whopping net worth of $15 million dollars which is fantastic even by very conservative standards. There are reasons to believe that it will continue to grow in the years to come.

17 Feb, 2018