Tucker Carlson

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is many things, according to the internet, and the descriptions fall everywhere between scathing criticism and immense adulation. A well-known media personality and prominent conservative journalist, He was born into an affluent Republican family. After a predictable boarding school education, He went on to become an acclaimed journalist, while also trying his hand at hosting shows and even dancing. He is an American citizen and religion is Anglican.

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Carlson went to the St. George's School in Rhodes Island in 1987 and later joined the University of Trinity where he graduated with a degree in History. The degree gave him a broader perspective to understand political matter and this laid a foundation for his careers as a political analyst.


He is a news anchor, a political correspondent, and columnist. His father was the head of the Corporation for public broadcasting and a senior member of in the Voice of America. This influenced Francisco to have interest towards journalism and he grew with a passion of becoming on in the future. After graduating from his university studies he went on to work as an editor for the Policy Review. This is the organization where he earned his first cent as a journalist.  He drew important skills that allowed him to expand his horizon in the journalism profession. He also worked for the Democratic Gazette as an editor in 1993.

In 2002 he worked as a news anchor at CNN. In CNN he co-hosted the program The Spin Room and the Crossfire which popularized him. He left CNN in 2005 after a verbal altercation with John Stewart on the popular political talk shows the Crossfire. His leaving led to the halting of the airing of this program.  He also hosted the special program going by his name "Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered" which was broadcasted on PBS.

He later moved to Fox News Channel as a news reporter and during this time he participated in the Red Eye as part of the contributors. With time he participated in other programs and hosted some of the successful on Fox News Channel. His prowess in journalism made him and the opportunity to host the popular show Fox and Friends which he made successful for the Channel.

He has worked for popular media outlets including The New York Times magazine, The Weekly Standard, The New Republic and others where he contributed in articles and columnist sections hence taking his career to a new height.

26 Jul, 2017

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