Trish Regan

Trish Regan’s formal name is Tricia Ann Regan. She is a talented author, investigative journalist, and television host on American broadcasting airwaves.

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Trish Regan was born in 1972, in a city known as Hampshire. She displayed her talent from the time she was very young. Her dream was always to appear on television as a host of different programs. She graduated cum laude in the year 2000 and she got a degree in US History. She graduated with honors from Phillips Exeter Academy.

She was Miss New Hampshire in 1993 and she represented her state in the Miss America Pageant during the 1994 contest. She won the first annual Bernard Wayne Award since she was the most talented person in the performing arts category. She studied the opera in New England, Austria and Graz. When she was still in high school, she got first place in the tough competitions of the Harvard Musical Association.

Journalism Career

Trish is a proud Emmy award winner that has been praised for her excellent work. She is now working under Bloomberg Television. Since 2012, she has been working as an anchor and she is a host of the program, Street Smart with Trish Regan.  She is a featured columnist for the USA Today newspaper. She has worked with different stations in many different capacities. She was a correspondent for CBS News, a reporter and anchor for CNBC, and also a contributor to NBC News.  She was the host of the highly rated program on CNBC known as The Call.

Trish Regan was named to be one of the ten women in the broadcast news that have to be watched by the Houston Chronicle. The paper highlighted her because of her strong opinions. She has shown many exceptional abilities in reporting and she is a future star in broadcasting.  The Business Insider reported that Regan is their preferred female financial news anchor because of how she breaks down financial news.

In an interview with Ad Week, Regan was asked how she was going to juggle being on one program that presents factual news and another program that presents opinions and commentary on current events. Regan feels that they both are needed for balance, “I’m a big believer in making sure that you always have both sides presented, and frankly I think it’s a more interesting and lively discussion from my own perspective as a viewer to see both sides. As an anchor, I want to make sure we’re exploring all angles on a story. The viewer can make up their own mind. Often I have an opinion, and when I have an opinion you’ll hear about it; I’ll make sure that you’ll know everyone else’s opinion too. That’s a big part of what I enjoy doing. I have said this before: I’m an Independent, I have voted for both parties. I’m not political, but I am policy-oriented and I am interested in the right moves for our economy, for our nation; but I’m also always willing to listen. I’m receptive to different ideas, and I want to make sure that the viewer has an open mind as well. Even if they don’t have an open mind, that’s OK, but if they can come away with learning something that they didn’t know before from the other side, that’s a good thing.”

19 Dec, 2018

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