Tito Horford

Tito Horford is a retired Dominican basketball player. He has gained much fame in his career through his profession.

Personal life

Tito Horford was born in the year 1966 on January 19th. He grew up in La Romana, Dominican Republic to his parents. His father was a basketball coach and held a reputation in the society. Tito’s mother was a journalist and a film producer. He belonged to a very reputed family background. He has spent his early childhood years with his younger sister and elder brother.

Being a football coach, Tito’s father always wanted his children to earn fame and success through basketball. Tito’s elder brother was born with a malnutrition disease, leading to which he suffered from weak bone disease. The doctor has strictly advised that any kind of stress on the bones can cause major harm to his legs. So Tito’s father had to give up on his dreams of seeing his eldest son as a basketball player.

Tito’s sister had a knack for the glamour industry so his father did not want to force her to pursue basketball. So, all his expectations now depended on Tito. Though Tito did not like basketball much and preferred football, he had to shift his attention towards basketball. Initially, he took his basketball training from his father. Tito’s growing interest towards basketball, assured his father that Tito is going to fulfil his dreams. Besides basketball, Tito also carried on with his education. He went to the Marian Christian High School. Tito excelled both in sports and in education. He has brought many trophies, certifications and honours for his school. He was very popular in his high school due to his basketball playing skills.

Tito was involved in many relationships during his high school days. Tito was very handsome and had a number of girlfriends but his only dedication and focus was basketball. He went further and joined another coach as his father has retired by that time. He never ignored his studies and after completing his high school graduation, and went to the University of Florida to pursue his bachelor's degree. Other than this, we could not discover any facts about his personal life. He has not shared in his biography any information about his wife or children and not even his net worth. Tito is not very active on thed social media so we do not know much about his present life status.


When in high school, Tito went to the Louisiana State University to take the basketball training. Even after trying hard, he could not cooperate with the team and suffered from back injuries. After an year, he was sent out of the team. Later, he joined the Dominican Republic. It was his dream to play in this team and he dedicated himself to this team. In the year 1988, he played in the NBA draft. Tito created a record when he played in the NBA as he was the first basketball player to get the chance from the Dominican Republic team.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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